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When the crows and koels are having a debate, you know that it’s about math again because it’s the only time they argue. How do you know about the crows and koels? You know because you’ve just played number fun and learned some great maths number tricks.

Learning math doesn’t have to be sitting down and repeating multiplication tables one after another after another, because there are so many fun with number tricks that you can play which makes math interesting and challenging. You don’t even need a calculator when you are learning these fun number tricks because you’ll be doing all of them in your head. Your teachers will be amazed at how much you are now enjoying math when you seemed so disinterested before. When math and learning are fun, you start looking for new ways to play math games and you will find maths number tricks fun.

1. Which is the odd one here?
a. 90, 66, 18, 218
b. 600, 9, 48, 105
c. 21, 139, 306, 30
d. 31, 70, 200, 35
Answer: d (Numbers here are the only ones not divisible by 3.)

2. How do you arrange the number 8 three times in a row so that the answer is 9?
Answer: 8+(8/8)=9

3. The city zoo is opening an exhibit on snakes and spiders. In this exhibit, there are 64 legs and 24 heads. Spiders have eight legs, snakes have no legs, and each animal has 1 head each. With these figures, how many snakes and spiders are included in the exhibit?
Answer: Eight spiders and 16 snakes

4. Each railway track measures 10 meters. How many tracks are needed in order to make a 1-kilometer railway line?
Answer: 200 tracks

5. Which is the odd one?
a. 28:112
b. 21:84
c. 19:79
d. 14:56
Answer: C (Other numbers have a ratio of1:4.)

6. A boy needs to chop a wooden log to come up with 10 pieces. It takes him 10 minutes to chop a piece. How many minutes will it take for him to chop the 10 pieces?
Answer: 90 minutes

7. Crows and koels are debating on a tree perch. The crow leader tells the koel leader, “If one of your birds transfers to our group, we both will have the same number of the birds. The koel leader replies, “If one of your birds joins us, our number will be twice your number.” How many birds are there per group?
Answer: 7 koels and 5 crows.

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