Maths Fun ยป Math Trick To Determine Your Birthday

This trick allows you to come up with your birthday. Follow the steps properly with a calculator. Press equal at the end of every step.

Step-1 : Type your birth month and 18
Step-2 : Multiply it by 25
Step-3 : Subtract 333
Step-4 : Multiply it by 8
Step-5 : Subtract 554 this time
Step-6 : Divide the number by 2
Step-7 : Add your birth date
Step-8 : Multiply the answer by 5
Step-9 : Add 692
Step-10 : Multiply it by 20
Step-11 : Add the last two digits of your birth year

Subtract 32940 and you will get your birthday if the format of month โ€“ date โ€“ year.

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