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If you spell out all the numbers from zero to one thousand, how many times does the letter “A” appear in all those words? Do you know the trick to remembering the value of Pi? Once you get into maths interesting facts you will know these and many more maths facts that will amaze your friends. There are a variety of maths worksheets that help you learn more about using math and how it’s applied every day. When you know some of these interesting facts in mathematics, you will have a great advantage over all of your friends, and can even become the star math student in school. Get to know the interesting facts in Mathematics.

A collection of helpful yet fun facts that will entertain you and improve your knowledge all at the same time

Most people know that Pi is an indefinite number, but there are several little-known facts about Pi.

  • 9 is the 1 billionth digit of Pi.
  • It is impossible to write Pi as a fraction.
  • “May I have a large container of coffee?” You only need to count the letters of this sentence in order to remember the value of Pi - 3.1415926.
  • “Forty” is the only numeral with letters arranged in alphabetical order. “One,” on the other hand, is the only number word with letters in descending order.
  • 9,808,358 – this is the number of digits of the biggest prime number in the world. It is more than the total number of atoms existing in the universe.
  • When you spell 1 to 1000 words, you will notice that there is only one letter “a” existing – in “one thousand.”
  • There are 239 ways for you to convert your dollar bill into change.

1089 x 9 = 9801
111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678 9 87654321
121978 x 4 = 87912
When you add up the opposite sides of each cube, the answer will always result to seven.

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