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Fun with Mathematics

Mathematics is like a nightmare for many kids even the adults! Well, we cannot survive with mathematics. Don’t you agree? Now, let us have some fun with mathematics. Let your child learn to count with these interesting yet simple games.

Things you need:
Coins, paper, pen / pencil to record scores

Game one: Flipping coins – One Coin
Flip one coin. Whenever it comes up heads, your kid gets 1 point. Every-time it comes up tails, you will get 1 point. Flip the coin 20 times or as you wish in counts of 10s. Tally by 2's or by respective numbers track the scores easily. Winner is the one who earns the most counts.

Game two: Flipping coins – Two Coins
Now, another game for you. Flip two coins. If both the coins come with two heads or two tails, your child get 1 point. If one coin come head and another coins come tails, you win a point. Go for 30 or 50 flips to see who wins. Doesn’t it seem interesting? Now, customize it with other options.

1. Two heads – 2 points
2. Two tails – 1 point
3. One head and one tail – No Point..

You can also play with another person as there are three options available.

Tip: Make your child winner of a game to experience the bliss!!!

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