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Why should you be interested in math? Almost every really great career uses math in some form and when you are good at math you can have a very successful future. This series has a collection of shortcut mental mathematics tricks you can pull on your friends and you’ll know the answer before they do. These are some easy maths tricks for numbers below 10, two digit numbers, or three digit numbers that when you understand the quick maths tricks, you’ll be the smartest kid around. These are exercises that are mental math tricks where the outcomes are always the same number or same series of numbers. When you know these great mathematics tricks for kids, you’ll always be great at math and have a lot of fun with it. Your math grades will improve, and taking home better grades on your report cards will make your parents extra proud.

10 Math Tricks

Trick 1: Number below 10

Step1: Come up with any digit below 10.
Step2: Multiply your number by 2.
Step3: Add 6 to your multiplied number.
Step4: Divide the digit by 2.
Step5: Subtract the first number you have thought from the latest number you have come with.
Answer: 3

Trick 2: Any Number

Step1: Come up with any number.
Step2: Subtract 1 from this number.
Step3: Multiply your answer with the number 3.
Step4: Add 12 to the number.
Step5: Divide the result by 3.
Step6: Add another 5 to the equation.
Step7: Deduce the first number you have thought from the last solution.
The Answer will be Number 8.

Trick 3: Any Number

Step1: Come up with any number.
Step2: Multiply this figure by 3.
Step3: Add 45 to the solution.
Step4: Multiply the number by 2.
Step5: Divide the result by 6.
Step6: Minus the first number you have come up with with the last number.
The Answer will be Number 15.

Trick 4: Same 3 Digit Number

Step1: Come up with a 3-digit number, but make sure that all the digits are similar. Ex. 111 or 222.
Step2: Add the digits together.
Step3: Divide your 3-digit number with the added digits.
The Answer will be 37.

Trick 5: 2 Single Digit Numbers

Step1: Come up with any 2 single digit numerals.
Step2: Choose from any one of the numbers and multiply it by 2.
Step3: Add 5 to the solution.
Step4: Afterwards, multiply it by 5.
Step5: Add your other single-digit number to the result.
Step6: Deduce 4 from the solution.
Step7: Minus another 21 from the result.
The Answer will be the two single-digit numbers you have first thought of.

Trick 6: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8

Step1: Choose any digit from number 1 to 6.
Step2: Multiply your number with 9.
Step3: Multiply the answer with 111.
Step4: Multiply the last result with 1001.
Step5: Divide the solution with the number 7.
The Answer will contain all the following numbers: 1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 8

Trick 7: 1089

Step1: Think of any 3-digit number.
Step2: Arrange the numbers in a descending manner.
Step3: Arrange the numbers in ascending order and subtract it with the answer.
Step4: Keep your answer in mind, then reverse the numbers mentally.
Step5: Add this number to your answer.
The answer will be 1089.

Trick 8: x7x11x13

Step1: Come up with any 3-digit numeral.
Step2: Multiply it with 7, then by 11, then by 16.
The Answer will be a repetition of your 3-digit numeral. (For example, your number is 123. The answer will be 123123.)

Trick 9: x3x7x13x37

Step1: Come up with any 2-digit numeral.
Step2: Multiply it by 3, then by 7, then by 13, and lastly, by 37.
The Answer will be number in three successions. (For example, your number is 23. The answer will be 232323.)

Trick 10: 9091

Step1: Come up with any 5-digit number.
Step2: Multiply this number with 11.
Step3: Multiply the answer with 9091.
The answer will be your 5-digit number in repetition. (For example, your number is 33221. The answer will be 3322133221.)

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