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Demonstrative Pronouns

What is a Demonstrative Pronoun?

A demonstrative pronoun is a pronoun that is used to refer to something specific in a sentence. It can be either singular or plural.

When referring to a singular thing that is near, we use the demonstrative pronoun ‘this’. More than one thing that are near are referred to with the demonstrative pronoun ‘these’.

When referring to something that is far, we use the demonstrative pronoun ‘that’. When referring to more than one thing that is far, we use the demonstrative pronoun ‘those’.

Demonstrative pronouns always point to nouns, whether those nouns are named or not. Demonstrative pronouns are used to describe places, animals, or things, but they can be used to describe people also when the person is identified.

Demonstrative Pronouns Examples

This was my mother’s book.

That looks like the bike I used to ride.

These are nice gloves, but they look flashy.

Those look riper than the oranges on my tree.

Let us work out some exercises to get more practice in demonstrative pronouns.

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