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Collective Nouns

Collective Nouns

You have learnt about nouns, common nouns and proper nouns, singular and plural nouns, and countable and uncountable nouns by now, haven’t you? This lesson is about another type of noun called a ‘collective noun’.

A collective noun is the name given to a group of nouns, to refer to them as one whole unit.

The following are examples of collective nouns.

An army of soldiers
A band of musicians
A bunch of crooks
A crowd of people/spectators
A gang of thieves
A team of players
A troupe of artists/dancers
A pack of thieves
A panel of experts
A school of fish
An army of ants
A flock of birds
A flock of sheep
A herd of deer/cattle/elephants/goats/buffaloes
A litter of cubs
A host of sparrows
A team of horses
A pack of wolves
A litter of puppies/kittens
A swarm of bees/ants/rats/flies
A team of horses/ducks/oxen
A pack of hounds.
A wad of notes
A stack of wood
A fleet of ships
A string of pearls
An album of stamps/autographs/photographs
A basket of fruit
A bowl of rice
A pack of cards
A pair of shoes
A bouquet of flowers
A bunch of keys
A chest of drawers
A pack of lies
A range of mountains
A cloud of dust
A colony of penguins
A pod of whales
A pride of lions
A tribe of natives
A troupe of dancers
A bunch of flowers

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