Summary Writing Exercises-5

Read the passage below and list 10 things to remember to do if you go jungle trekking.

Tips on Jungle Trekking

Jungle trekking is a popular activity done by people of all ages. Trekking is great to do with family or friends. It’s an excellent way of keeping fit while enjoying nature. Before setting off though, there are some important things to remember.

Park officials advise trekkers to travel in groups. In the unlikely event that you have an accident, being in a group means that there will be other people to help. It is also more enjoyable to be in groups while trekking. In some countries there are trekking clubs that meet up every weekend and go for trekking. They even wear t-shirts that are specially designed for this activity.

Parks officials also remind trekkers to take plenty of water. Dehydration can be a serious problem in tropical heat, so regular drinking is important. Some people fear that they may feel the urge to go to the toilet if they drink water too much water while on a trek. They avoid drinking water altogether. This is not advisable. Drink water in moderation while trekking.

Similarly, snacks – like biscuits, chocolate, and nut bars – help to keep your energy high. These things are full of carbohydrates and glucose which your body uses to make energy. It’s important, therefore, for trekkers to carry a good supply of snacks.

Many trekkers suffer from twisted ankles because of the rough and uneven jungle paths. To avoid this, wear strong and sturdy footwear, such as walking boots. These support your ankles and give a good grip on difficult paths. Another item of clothing any trekker should wear is a wide-brimmed hat to keep the sun off your face. Specialized clothing and walking shoes might be a burden on your wallet, but are likely to be of great use for you for a long time.

Trekkers are also advised to carry lightweight backpacks. In tropical weather where chances of rain are high, it would be wise to carry a lightweight raincoat as well. Another useful item to carry is an insect repellent. Tropical forests are usually full of all kinds of insects, and you don’t want a nasty bite from one.

When you go trekking, plan to start early. Early morning is ideal as it is the weather is cooler. You will also be fresh from the night’s rest. Finally, take regular breaks. A ten-minute break every hour would be ideal.

By following these tips, your adventure in the jungle will be safe and enjoyable. One final tip is to start trekking early so you’ll be back home before it gets dark. Happy trekking!

What you should remember to do if you go jungle trekking:

1. _________________________________________________

2. _________________________________________________

3. _________________________________________________

4. _________________________________________________

5. _________________________________________________

6. _________________________________________________

7. _________________________________________________

8. _________________________________________________

9. _________________________________________________

10. _________________________________________________

Using the information in your notes, write a summary explaining what you should remember to do if you go jungle trekking, in no more than 80 words, including the words given.

Begin like this:

If you decide to go jungle trekking, you should……

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