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The following worksheet is based on the world-famous story, ‘The Gingerbread Man’. Read the story here, and answer the questions given below. Circle the letter of the alphabet corresponding to the right answer, from the choices.

1. The Gingerbread Man is
     a) a human child
     b) a toy
     c) a biscuit
     d) an animal

2. What was the old man doing outside the house
     a) Watering the plants
     b) Planting a seed
     c) Repairing his lawn mower
     d) Talking to his friend

3. Why did the little boy scream “Help!”
     a) The little boy was hurt
     b) The Gingerbread Man was running out
     c) The oven door was open
     d) The little boy was hungry

4. Why were the two piglets waiting for the farmer?
     a) They were hungry and wanted to be fed
     b) They wanted to welcome the farmer
     c) They wanted to eat the Gingerbread Man
     d) They were waiting to see the Gingerbread Man

5. What was the reason that the fox gave, to get the Gingerbread Man climb to his nose?
     a) It was comfortable to sit on the fox’s nose.
     b) The fox can easily toss the Gingerbread Man up and then eat him.
     c) It was very easy to see all around the river while sitting on the nose.
     d) The Gingerbread Man liked to sit on the fox’s nose.

6. In the last paragraph, which word has the meaning ‘eating’?
     a) Feed
     b) planning
     c) looking
     d) grazing

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Answers 1. c | 2. c | 3. b | 4. a | 5. a | 6. d

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