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Personal Pronouns

What is a Personal Pronoun?

A personal pronoun is a pronoun used to refer to particular people, animals or things.

My name is Sally. But when I talk about myself to others, I always use I or me, not Sally. When I talk directly to you, I use you most of the time, not your name. When I refer to another person, most of the time I use he or him, instead of the name. When I refer to my cat I may say it or he (depending on how close I am to my cat!). When I refer to my computer, I say it.

In the following examples, personal pronouns are italicized.

1. You have to come with me.

2. We would love you joining us.

3. Just look at my cat! He has climbed up the roof!

So what are the commonly used personal pronouns?

The commonly used personal pronouns are it, he, she, I, me, you, we, them, they, us, who, and whom.

Let us test our knowledge of personal pronouns by answering the following worksheets.

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