Sample essay: The Internet - boon or bane for the young people of today?

Students vary in their ability to write essays. There are some students who struggle upon putting pen to paper, but there are a few others who love to write. What are the differences between these two groups of students? Let us see.

1. Students who love to write essays are good readers. Wherever they go, they will have a book with them, which they read while they wait for the bell to ring at school, or wait for a dentist’s appointment. A famous quote from Eudora Welty goes like this: “I don’t know whether I could do either one, reading or writing, without the other.”

2. Students who love to write essays are not afraid of making mistakes. There are many students who are afraid to write a sentence because they are concerned that they might make mistakes. They forget that failures are the stepping stones to success. As the famous writer George Bernard Shaw said, “A life spent making mistakes is not only more honourable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.” Writing essays and making mistakes in them is much better than not writing anything at all!

3. Students who write good essays know the basics of essay writing. Like most academic activities, essay writing is also governed by a few rules. If you organize your ideas following these rules, essay writing will not become a problem. Even the process of thinking about a topic itself can be guided in certain ways so as to maximize your idea generation.

4. Students who are good essay writers try to develop their thinking skills. Every day, all of us are bombarded with information. We just listen to and read information, and soon forget about it. Do you think about the information that comes your way? Once you make it a habit to think about the information you get every day, you will have a lot of original ideas to write about. Your brain will be developed to such an extent that it will be overflowing with ideas!

Here is a sample essay on the topic ‘The internet: a boon or bane for young people?’ in the technologically driven 21st century world of today, is the internet beneficial or detrimental to youngsters? The topic is very relevant today, as parents and teachers often complain that kids are spending too much time on the internet, playing games, chatting with friends, and getting information from the web, both the right and the wrong kind. Are we helpless in dealing with the ill-effects of the information and communication revolution that is taking place around us?

Read the essay here, whether the internet is a bane or boon for young people today.

The Internet: A Boon or Bane for Young People?

The Internet is one of the most debated technological achievements of science. It is widely used by people from all walks of life. The young generation today uses it for a variety of purposes, from getting information for a school project to chatting with a friend. We find the Internet a great source of information, of entertainment. It is hugely beneficial to us; a boon in many ways. However, can there be a negative side to the Internet? Can it be a bane?

The question is relevant today. Access to the internet is becoming easier; more homes are connected to the net and still more will be, in the future. Cyber cafes are overflowing at all times of the day with youngsters. Are these developments something we can be happy about? Can it be that the young generation is spoiling itself by accessing the world wide web of information?

It should be admitted that the Internet can be a negative influence on a child in a lot of ways. There are a lot of sites that can give wrong information, that show pornography and violence. A young boy or girl who has unlimited access to the net can easily fall prey to these influences which can change his or her attitude to life itself.

Moreover, the Internet takes away valuable time for studies as well as for physical activities, making children inactive and unhealthy. Computer games are never a substitute for physical games. But the number of children spending all their free time in front of the computer is increasing.

Are these reasons enough to say that the internet is a bane, not a boon, to the young generation? I don’t think so. The advantages of the Internet are far too many for us. It is a wonderful source of information on anything under the sun. No library could ever offer us so much at such speed. It is a great communication tool – much cheaper and reliable than the telephone. Online businesses are flourishing now, and you can buy anything online nowadays. You can pay your telephone bill, and do your bank transactions. You can read books and articles. You can create your own blog and let your thoughts flow. These are just a few of the numerous benefits of the internet.

So, how about the negative effects? Whatever potential for harm the Internet has can be tackled with parental supervision. Also, we ourselves should have discipline enough to use the Internet only to our advantage. We should also be aware of its negative influences, and use it only in positive ways. Technology is in itself neither positive nor negative. It is we human beings who make it negative or positive by the way we use it. Technology will control us or manipulate us only if we let it control or manipulate us.

So, is the Internet a boon or bane? In my opinion, it is definitely a boon for the young generation of the 21st century.

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