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Reading Comprehension Worksheet-1

Read the world-famous short story "The Necklace" and choose the best answer from the options given. Underline your answer.

Reading Comprehension Worksheet - 1 (Above 10 Year Old Kids)

1. Which of the following words may replace the word ‘envisioned’ in the first paragraph?
     a) Enchanted
     b) Imagined
     c) Envied
     d) Admired

2. At first Mrs. Loisel did not want to go to the ball because she
     a) was shy
     b) didn’t have good jewellery
     c) did not have a good dress
     d) was not invited

3. At the ball, Mrs. Loisel was
     a) distressed
     b) annoyed
     c) very happy
     d) sleepy

4. The writer suggests that, before she lost the necklace, Mrs. Loisel
     a) was used to doing all the housework
     b) was not used to having a servant
     c) was not used to doing all the housework
     d) did nothing at home

5. Mrs. Loisel settled down to paying her debts
     a) reluctantly
     b) happily
     c) with determination
     d) half-heartedly

6. Which of the following did Mrs. Loisel not do, in order to pay off her debt?
     a) She sent their servant away
     b) She did her grocery shopping by herself
     c) She did all the household work by herself
     d) She went to work in a shop

7. The struggle to repay their debts
     a) did not affect Mrs. Loisel’s looks
     b) made Mrs. Loisel bad-tempered
     c) spoiled Mrs. Loisel’s good looks
     d) made Mrs. Loisel weak and ill

8. When Mrs. Forestier realised who she was talking to, she uttered a cry because
     a) she was pleased to see her old friend again
     b) she was disgusted by her old friend’s appearance
     c) she was shocked by the way her friend looked
     d) she was ashamed to meet Mrs.Loisel

9. In the end, we learn that if the Loisels had known that Mrs. Forestier’s necklace was made of imitation diamonds
     a) they would not have had to return the necklace at all
     b) they would have had to spend ten yeasr saving up to buy a new one
     c) they would have had to return one like it
     d) they would not have had to spend ten years paying their debts back

10. Mrs.Forestier said that the original necklace was
     a) worth much more than 500 francs
     b) worth no more than 500 francs
     c) was worth a little more than 500 francs
     d) worth less than 500 francs

11. How do you think Mrs. Liosel would have felt when she realized that the original necklace was not made of diamonds?
     a) Happy
     b) Relieved
     c) Shocked
     d) Sad

Answer sheet for Worksheet - 1

     1. b
     2. c
     3. c
     4. c
     5. c
     6. d
     7. c
     8. c
     9. d
     10. b
     11. c

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