Spelling Lesson 5 (qu)

Follow the steps below to teach spelling ‘qu’.

Step 1: Revision

Begin the lesson by revising some basic sounds and the tricky words ‘I’, ‘the’, ‘he’ ‘she’, ‘me’, ‘we’, ‘be and ‘was’.

Step 2: Main Point

Revise the ‘qu’ spelling of the /qu/ sound. Remind the children that ‘qu’ is made up of two sounds: /k/ and /w/. If the children hear /kw/ in a word, they must remember to write ‘qu’.

Fun action for ‘qu’: Show a picture of ducks. With your hands, make a duck’s beak and say qu, qu, qu

With the children, make a list of words with ‘qu’. Then, let them make sentences using those words. This work is done orally. The words can then be written onto the picture of a big duck in worksheet 5.1

Step 3: Spelling Sheet 5

Children write inside the outlined 'qu' in spelling sheet 5, with the right letter formation style. After that, in worksheet 5.2, in the boxes provided, children should write a word each in the boxes, using ‘qu’. Draw a picture for each of the words. Let them colour the picture afterwards.

Step 4: Dictation

The six words and three sentences given in the dictation list should be read at an optimal speed for dictation.

Step 5: Spelling List

Read the spelling words slowly with the children. As a class, say aloud the sounds in the regular words and say the letter names for the tricky words ‘to’ and ‘do’. At the end of both these words, the letter ‘o’ makes an ‘oo’ sound. The longer word ‘squirrel’ has two syllables and can be remembered as ‘squir’ and ‘rel’ for spelling. It helps the children to remember the spelling if they emphasis the /e/ sound in the second syllable, pronouncing it to rhyme with ‘bell’.

Dictation (words)

  • quit
  • quick
  • quench
  • quail
  • quest
  • liquid

Dictation (sentences)

  • She is quick.
  • The ducks went quack.
  • The quiz was on Sunday.

Spelling List

  • on
  • but
  • plum
  • quick
  • quiz
  • queen
  • squid
  • to
  • do
  • squirrel
Spelling Sheet 5 'qu'
Worksheet 5.1 ‘qu’
Worksheet 5.2 ‘qu’

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