Spelling Lesson 4 (ng)

Follow the steps below to teach spelling ‘ng’.

Step 1: Revision

Begin the lesson by revising some basic sounds and the tricky words ‘I’, ‘the’, ‘he’ ‘she’, ‘me’, and ‘we’.

Step 2: Main Point

Revise the ‘ng’ spelling of the /ng/ sound/.

Fun action for ‘ng’: Show pictures of weight lifters. Tell children to imagine that they are weight lifters. Ask them to pretend to lift a heavy weight above their heads saying ng, ng, ng.

Remind the children that the ‘ng’ can go with all of the vowels, not just the /i/ sound. Let them practice saying ‘ang’, ‘eng’, ‘ing’, ‘ong’ and ‘ung’. Let children say words which use these spellings. Write these words down in worksheet 4.1 in the big ring shape provided. Next, let them make sentences using some of these words orally. The words written in the big ring can be used as a word bank and displayed on the class notice board.

Step 3: Spelling Sheet 4

Ask children to write inside the 'ng' in spelling sheet 4, making sure that the letters are formed correctly. After this, write a word using ‘ng’ in each box provided in worksheet 4.2 and draw a picture for the word. Ask the children to write and draw neatly. Afterwards, they can colour the pictures.

Step 4: Dictation

This being spelling lesson 4, children would have had some practice in effective listening and writing. The teacher can read words and sentences that children should write down, neatly and clearly.

Step 5: Spelling List

Read the spelling words with the children. As a class, say aloud the sounds in the regular words and say the letter names for the tricky words ‘be’ and ‘was’. Let them say the letter names as they write them down.

Dictation (words)

  • wing
  • song
  • bring
  • spring
  • sung
  • clang

Dictation (sentences)

  • The string was long.
  • She sang a song.
  • He had a sling on his arm.

Spelling List

  • in
  • leg
  • glad
  • ring
  • sang
  • strong
  • lung
  • be
  • was
  • length
Spelling Sheet 4 'ng'
Worksheet 4.1 ‘ng’
Worksheet 4.2 ‘ng’

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