Spelling Lesson 1 (sh)

A typical lesson following the steps below:

Step 1: Revision

Revise some of the 42 basic sounds that have already been taught. This can be done by showing flash cards of the letter sounds. For each flash card, ask children to say the sound.

Step 2: Main Point

Revise the ‘sh’ spelling of the ‘sh’ sound.

Fun action for ‘sh’: Ask students to place their fingers over their lips and say ‘sh’, ‘sh’, ‘sh’.

Make a list of words using this sound and spelling, by eliciting the words from the children themselves. Next, ask the children to make up sentences using some or all of the words. The words can also be written onto a big fish shape given in worksheet 1.1, and this can then be used as a word bank for display.

Step 3: Spelling Sheet 1

Ask the children to write inside the outlined 'sh' using the correct letter formation, using spelling sheet 1. Then they write an ‘sh’ word in each box given in the worksheet 1.2 and draw a picture for that word. Let them colour the pictures afterwards. Colouring helps children to develop pencil control. Children should always be encouraged to colour and write neatly.

Step 4: Dictation

Teacher reads the words and sentences for the children to write down. Do not read at great speed, but do not slow down unnecessarily either.

Step 5: Spelling List

Ask the children to read the spelling words with you. As a class, say aloud the sounds in the regular words, and say the letter names for the tricky words ‘I’ and ‘th’. For ‘I’, children can be reminded that the small ‘I’ is too shy and scared to be alone, so we have to write the capital ‘I’. for ‘the’, remind the children about the method of learning spelling known as the ‘look, copy, cover, write, check’ method. Children look at the word, copy it, then cover it, write by themselves and finally check. The teacher should encourage them to say the name of each letter as they write it. Longer words such as ‘shampoo’ can be broken up into two syllables: ‘sham’ and ‘poo’.

Dictation (words)

  • Ship
  • Shed
  • Shelf
  • Brush
  • Rush
  • Smash

Dictation (sentences)

  • I am on a ship.
  • The shop is shut.
  • His toothbrush is red.

Spelling List

  • Am
  • Get
  • Clap
  • Shop
  • Fish
  • Shut
  • Wish
  • I
  • The
  • Shampoo
Spelling Sheet 1 'sh'
Worksheet 1.1 ‘sh’
Worksheet 1.2 ‘sh’

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