Is Science More Evil Than Good?

Essay writing is often a daunting task for students. Many students do not have enough ideas for an essay. If they have ideas, they may lack the language skills. Either way, essay writing becomes a difficult task. However, it need not be, if you are in the habit of reading. If you are a good reader, writing will never be a problem for you. The words will flow. However, if you do not like to read, writing will be an intimidating task for you.

As the famous writer Stephen King said, “If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”

Once you have a topic, the first step you need to take is to think and brainstorm for ideas on the topic. Use the five ‘W’s and ‘H’. This means that you have to think along the lines of ‘what’, ‘who’, ‘when’, ‘where’, ‘why’ and ‘how’. For example, if you have the topic ‘Which scientific invention do you think is the most useful to mankind?’ you may brainstorm along the lines of 1. What is the invention? 2. Who invented it? 3. When and where was it invented? 4. Why you think it is the most useful invention, and it is beneficial to mankind.

Once you have your ideas, prepare a diagram of your ideas according to the main points and sub points. Plan how many paragraphs you will write. Write the essay as introduction, body and conclusion. Be careful to have just one idea in one paragraph. Do not introduce any new idea in the conclusion.

After writing the first draft, proofread, and change words wherever needed. Rewriting is the next task. Your essay will become better with each rewriting.

Here is a sample essay on the topic ‘Is science more evil than good?’. It is a very relevant topic in this 21st century, which has seen unprecedented advances in science and technology. We have reached a point where we cannot imagine living without technological inventions and the comforts of life that scientific inventions have brought to us.

Is science more evil than good? Is it beneficial or detrimental to us? Read on.

Is science more evil than good?

The human race has advanced in its civilization by leaps and bounds over the past centuries. We take pride in the fact that we are poles apart from the prehistoric cavemen in each and every aspect of our lives. This has been made possible, due to advancements in science. However, science also has proved to be a double-edged sword – something that is capable of doing good and bad at the same time. The topic that confronts us today is ‘whether the progress of science is detrimental rather than beneficial to mankind’. In other words, does science do more harm than good to mankind?

It is beyond doubt that scientific breakthroughs have definitely made this earth a better place to live in. medical science has achieved wondrous miracle cures and drugs that can save human life. Organ transplants can give critically ill patients a new lease of life. Diseases such as cholera and the plague that used to claim thousands of lives have been wiped out from the face of the earth. In the area of communication technology, the developments have been phenomenal. The world is now a global village. Mobile phones, emails, voice mails. If you can imagine it, it is there. People are closer to each other than ever before, and it takes just a moment to reach messages from one corner of the globe to reach another. The invention of satellites have made it possible to entertain and educate people of remote areas. Agriculture has gained hugely from new scientific methods of farming, and genetically improved seeds. And what about computers? Computers have revolutionized out lives with its immense power to store and manipulate information. The internet and the World Wide Web – the information superhighway- opens unimaginable scope to anybody willing to explore its possibilities. Man is on the verge of creating living spaces in the outer space! These are just of few of what benefits science has given us. Science has indeed proved to be beneficial to us.

However, is there any justification in saying that the progress in science is detrimental to mankind? Let us not forget that science can save lives, but it can kill too. It has given us miracle drugs for cure, it has also given us the atom bombs that slaughtered tens or thousands of innocent people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It has also given us biological weapons, and chemical warfare. Modern life, though secure from the threats of many diseases, has new demons of its own to be scared of. Our lifestyle is much more comfortable than that of olden times. But it gives rise to diseases such as obesity and diabetes, which are described as the modern man’s curses. Science, in its race for new achievements, has also disregarded how important it is to preserve our environment. Non-sustainable developments such as dams that upset the balance of nature bring long-term disasters. Recently there have been hot debates over whether to allow human cloning or not. That itself can set off a whole Pandora ’s Box of evils on the human race.

We have seen both the benefits and the evils of scientific progress. Is science more evil than good? In my opinion, science itself cannot be evil or good. It is an immense source of goodness for the human race if we apply it to good use. Also, it can also be a Frankenstein monster, if we allow it to be. All said and done, when we look at the immense goodness it has brought us, at the moment, we have made good use of science. It has indeed proved to be more beneficial than detrimental to us. We have to be careful, not to explore its evil effects. Let me conclude by saying that science, by itself, is neither beneficial nor evil: It is how we human beings make use of it that makes it beneficial or evil. The choice is ours.

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