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Grade 5 English Speaking and Listening Activities

English speaking and listening activities for grade 5

When children enter Grade 5 they are into an age where they are supposed to speak English with confidence in public. This is possible with the help of appropriate learning sessions. Here is a quick look at certain English speaking and listening activities which help them excel.

Inculcating the habit of English Newspaper Reading:

Children at the age of 10-11 years when they are in the grade 5 should adopt the habit of reading a good English newspaper. In the beginning they are likely to come across the problems of pronouncing certain difficult words and finding out their meaning. They need help at this stage. Make them underline the difficult words, help them pronounce those words, let them find their meanings and apply them in practical use.

What all is needed for this?

  • They need to carry a dictionary along for this.
  • They need a current newspaper and a pencil to mark the difficult words.

What they gain from this activity?

Apart from learning sophisticated English in their preliminary years and learning how to apply the new words practically, they would learn about what is happening around the world which improves their General Knowledge along with the language.

Arranging Session for Group Discussion on their Favorite Topics:

By the time they reach Grade 5, children are old enough to talk to their peers comfortably in English. Let them strike a discussion on their own by making them choose their favorite topics so that they can speak with confidence. Monitor them for their mistakes during the discussion but do not intervene in between because this will hamper the series of thoughts they have in mind, let them make mistakes; just encourage them to speak their mind only in English. At the end of the session, let them know where they went wrong and make sure they repeat those words correctly in the next GD session. Make them practice speaking those words again and again, till they learn properly.

What needs to be taken care of?

Group Discussion is an important English speaking activity that can be conducted in the classrooms, but just keep in mind that there will be some introvert non-speakers in every GD session who choose to remain silent till the end. You just need to encourage them to speak. Let them stammer, pause or think. Whatever hindrance come it should not make a difference to you as the idea of this activity is to make every one speak English.

Let Them Make List of 5 Difficult words daily:

Ask the children to prepare a list of certain words that are difficult for them. Make them prepare a list of just 5 words and let them practice pronouncing those words correctly. Make sure that they comprehend those words well and encourage them to use those words correctly in their conversation to make sure that they bring those words to practical use and have imbibed them well.

The best activity that can be ever practiced for English speaking and listening classrooms is to make the students hear stories of their interests in correct ascents. Let them make use of their listening skills optimally before they practice speaking English fluently and correctly.

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