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Movies and Music for kids

Movies and Music are made for all kinds of audiences, but nothing captures the hearts and minds of people all over the world more than kids’ Movies and Music. These songs and movies are enjoyed the most, obviously, for those they are made for, i.e., children. Of course, Disney, Pixar and Marvel are household names now.

It is no surprise that kids’ movies are also top-grossing movies. It is no surprise because it is not only kids who watch them delightedly, but also adults. Frozen, for example, is watched even today, by both kids and adults alike. The classic Mary Poppins is still fondly remembered by adults.

Then there are movies that are called ‘family’ movies. Sound of Music, the classic film that is still watched today, is a family movie that can be watched by the whole family together. The appeal of such movies is long lasting.

How about kids’ songs? They are usually songs from Disney movies such as ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’ from Frozen. Or ‘Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious’ from May Poppins. These songs stand the test of time, and are hummed long after the movies have gone from theatres around the world.

However, kids do enjoy songs that are made for a more adult audience, such as the ‘roar’ by Katy Perry. The appeal of such songs, for children, is more in the tune and the beat, than the lyrics or the visualization.

Kidsworldfun brings to you the latest in the world of kids’ movies and music, as well as those songs and movies that are dubbed ‘family’ stuff, which means they can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike.

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