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The Sound of Music - A Classic Film For The Ages

When it was first released, ‘The Sound of Music’ was not as well-received as it is today. It was seen as too ‘exaggerated and seeming to mock the events that are highlighted in the second part of the film but over time, it received a cult status and is widely seen as a classic film and one of the greatest films of our time for both adults and children. Today it ranks among the greatest musicals of our time and the actors are all remembered for their performance in this film. ‘The Sound of Music’ follows the lives of the Von Trapp Family which is changed forever by the arrival of the cheerful and loving governess, Maria and the ‘Anschluss’ (invasion of Austria by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis).

A Classic Film with a heart-warming story

The movie begins with Maria, (Julie Andrews) a free-spirited young woman who works at the Nonnberg Abbey in Salzburg, Austria. She has an intense love for music and the mountains and is always cheerful. The Mother Abess believes Maria will be happier away from the Abbey and sends her as the governess to the seven children of a retired navy officer, Captain Georg Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer). The Captain raises his children with a rigid discipline and initially, the children mistrust the cheerful disposition of their new governess. Maria’s kindness, love and patience wins them over. When the Captain is away, Maria takes them around Salzburg and the mountains, teaching them to sing. After the Captain returns home with the wealthy socialite Baroness Elsa Schraeder and his friend, musical agent, Max Detweiler, they are greeted by Maria and the children. The Captain does not approve of the children’s behavior, but he is won over when he hears the children sing after a long time.

The Baronness convinces Maria that she must leave after she realizes that the Captain has feelings for her. But the nuns at the Abbey convinces Maria to return and when she does, she and the Captain marry. They are off on their honeymoon when Max enters the children in the Salzburg Festival without the Captain’s knowledge. The couple learn that Austria has been invaded by the Third Reich in the ‘Anschluss’ and they return home. A telegram awaits the Captain ordering him to report to the German Naval Base at Bremerhaven to accept a commission in the German Navy. The Captain is strongly against the Nazi ideology and the Anschluss and he tells his family that they must leave Austria and go to Switzerland. A number of friends of the Von Trapp Family including the older daughter Liesl’s love, Rolfe are supportive of the new regime and the young man has been accepted into the Hitler Youth. Knowing that they are in danger, the Von Trapps prepare for their escape. The night of their escape, they are stopped by officers of the Nazi party and their leader, Hans Zeller. The Captain informs them that they are about to perform at the Salzburg Festival. The officers insist on escorting the family to the Festival after which the Captain will be taken to Bremerhaven for the commission.

While performing their final number, the Von Trapp family slip away and seek asylum at the abbey where the nuns keep them safe in the crypts. The officers arrive and search the abbey. The family is discovered by Rolfe who hesitates long enough for them to slip away. The family escapes in the caretaker’s car and when soldiers try to pursue them, they discover that their car won’t start. It is revealed that the nuns have sabotaged the car to allow the Von Trapps to escape. The film ends with the Von Trapp family cross the Swiss Alps by foot and into safety

A Classic Film for the ages

The film’s many songs including ‘Do Re Mi’, ‘Edelweiss’, ‘So Long Farewell’ and ‘Favorite Things’ rank among some of the greatest musical numbers in history. This Classic Film has a strong message that resonates through ages and it brings joy to young children who are sure to find the heart-warming moments enjoyable while adults will find the moments during the Nazis strict scrutiny of the family to be tense. ‘The Sound of Music’ remains to this day one of the most iconic and well-loved classic films of our time. The actors who portrayed the Von Trapp children are all identified by their performance in this movie more than their other work while Christopher Plummer and Julie Andrews are remembered for their portrayal in this movie as much as their later work.

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