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Important And Historic Events That Have Taken Place in May

Historic Events That Took Place in The Past During April

America has a new President: President Donald Trump

Fidel Castro passes away

What is Politics?

Politics means the ways in which people try to take control over others, and take major decisions affecting a group.

Many centuries back, we human beings lived as nomads, in groups. For each group or tribe, there was a leader. The leader was a person who had more knowledge and more strength than other people in the group. The leader could also make wise decisions for the group.

In some parts of the world, there are still people living in tribes, with each tribe having a leader. However, in many other countries of the modern world, the population has grown a lot, and it became difficult to find leaders. Therefore, every country developed its own way of finding a leader, to govern the people. Thus, different types of government are there around the world.

Multiparty Democracy

In multiparty democracies, people elect their leaders. There may be many individuals who want to be the leader, and each individual will have his/her own supporters. There will be an election where people will vote for the individual who they want to be the leader. The individual who gets the maximum number of votes becomes the leader.

Constitutional Monarchy

Constitutional monarchy is a type of government where there is an elected leader, but there will also be a monarch. The monarch will not have any military power, and will rarely make decisions for the country.

Federal Republic

In a federal republic, there are many states in the country. Each individual state will have great power. However, there will be leaders at the national level, who will make general decisions for the country.

Presidential Republic

In a presidential republic, the president and other officials will be elected by the voters. In some countries, the president will choose a prime minister to run the country. In some other countries, the president himself/herself and assistants will take care of the country’s affairs.

One-Party State

In a one-party state, only one party controls the country. For example, in eastern European countries of the past, the communist party was the only party allowed, and only its leaders were ruling those countries.


Theocracy is a one-party state, which is ruled by religious leaders. These leaders make rules for the country based on religious texts and beliefs.

One-Party Dominated State

In some countries, there may be multiple parties, but one party has complete control.

Absolute Monarchy

Absolute monarchy was the form of government in many countries in the past. In this kind of government, a monarch rules the country. When the monarch dies, the power is passed on to a son or daughter. Brunei Darussalam, a tiny country in South East Asia, is an example of absolute monarchy today.

Military Government

In some countries, sometimes, the military seizes the country’s rule, removing the leader. Then, leaders are chosen from the military itself. In a military-ruled country, no election or parties are allowed.


Dictatorship is a form of government when one person has absolute control over the country’s affairs. A dictator gains power often through a military takeover. Dictators usually rule harshly, and do not allow other voices to be heard.

Dependent Territories

Some countries are known as dependent territories of a stronger country, because the stronger country offers them protection and support. Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands are dependent territories of the United States. French Polynesia is a dependent territory of France.

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