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Space Quiz For Kids With Answers

Space Quiz

Choose the best option from the three answers given under each question.

  • What is meant by one light year?
    a. The distance light travels in one year
    b. Distance that light travels in one day
    c. The distance that travels in one min
  • What is the outer layer of the atmosphere
    a. Thermosphere
    b. Mesosphere
    c. Exosphere
  • Which is the world’s largest light detecting telescope
    a. Chantra X-ray telescope
    b. Hubble telescope
    c. The twin Keck telescopes
  • Which is the closest planet to the sun?
    a. Mercury
    b. Venus
    c. Mars
  • How many minutes does the sun light takes to come to earth?
    a. Just over eight minutes
    b. Just over four minutes
    c. Just over nine minutes
  • The nearest star to earth, after the sun, is
    a. Proxima Centauri
    b. Barnard’s star
    c. Gliese 581
  • When was the Proxima Centauri discovered?
    a. 1925
    b. 1910
    c. 1915
  • How far is the Proxima Centauri from earth?
    a. Almost 40 trillion kilometres
    b. 40 million kilometres
    c. More than 40 trillion kilometres
  • How long did it take the Cassini-Huygens to reach Saturn?
    a. Almost seven years
    b. Less than six years
    c. More than seven years
  • Who was the first person in space?
    a. Neil Armstrong
    b. Yuri Gagarin
    c. Kalpana Chawla
  • When did Yuri Gagarin travel to space?
    a. 1961
    b. 1949
    c. 1951
  • The first man landed on moon in
    a. 1959
    b. 1969
    c. 1961
  • Who was the first person to walk on the surface of the moon?
    a. Mike Collins
    b. Yuri Gagarin
    c. Neil Armstrong
  • When was Uranus discovered?
    a. 1781
    b. 1871
    c. 1876
  • How many days does it take mercury to orbit the sun?
    a. 101 days
    b. 87 days
    c. 88 days
  • Which planet is nearest in size to earth?
    a. Mars
    b. Venus
    c. Neptune
  • How many years does Neptune take to orbit the sun?
    a. 166 years
    b. 165 years
    c. 91 years
  • Which is the spacecraft that NASA launched in 2006, to study Pluto?
    a. Voyager
    b. New Horizons
    c. Messenger
  • Which novel about an alien invasion from Mars was published in 1898?
    a. The War of the Worlds
    b. The space invasion
    c. The alien landing
  • What is a blue moon?
    a. It is when there are two full moons in the same month
    b. It is when the moon light appears to be blue
    c. It is when the moon appears to have a blue tinge
  • Which was the first living creature to be sent to space?
    a. Laika the dog
    b. Yuri Gagarin
    c. A monkey
  • Who was the first woman to travel to space?
    a. Kalpana Chawla
    b. Valentina Tereshkova
    c. Alexei Leonov
  • Which space probe was launched in 1998 to study the sun’s atmosphere?
    a. ULYSSES
    b. SOHO
    c. TRACE
  • Which planet is the smallest in our solar system?
    a. Pluto
    b. Venus
    c. Mercury
  • Which soviet astronaut performed the first ever spacewalk?
    a. Yuri Gagarin
    b. Alexei Leonov
    c. Edward White


1. a | 2. c | 3. c | 4. a | 5. a | 6. a | 7. c | 8. a | 9. a | 10. b | 11. a | 12. b | 13. c | 14. a | 15. c | 16. b | 17. b | 18. b | 19. a | 20. a | 21. a | 22. b | 23. c | 24. c | 25. b

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