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Welcome to another variety of basic general science and technology quiz topics. This covers most of the science and technology spectrum, along with a wide range of others and there is more to come. Interesting for both kids and adults. Take this general science quiz and evaluate your basic general knowledge on cool gadgets, computers, and other fun trivia. Put yourself to the test and learn some fun science facts along the way.

  • Q: How does solar power generate electricity?
    A: From the Sun

    Q: When did the Apple iPhone first become available?
    A: 2007

    Q: What does the term CPU stand for?
    A: Central Processing Unit

    Q: When was Nintendo founded?
    A: Founded in 23 September, 1889

    Q: Who is the Hubble Space Telescope named after?
    A: Edwin Hubble, the American Astronomer.

    Q. Give an example of a chemical element?
    A. Water [H20]

    Q: Why can’t humans see infrared light?
    A: Because its wavelength is too long to be seen by humans.

    Q: What are Opera, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome?
    A: They are different types of web browsers.

    Q: Is gold a good conductor of electricity?
    A: No.

    Q: How is current is measured in?
    A: Amperes.

    Q. What is the study of plants known as?
    A. Botany.

    Q: Which company makes the advanced humanoid robot ASIMO?
    A: Honda

    Q: Do atomic bombs work by atomic fission or fusion?
    A: Atomic fission.

    Q: What does CAD stand for?
    A: Computer Aided Design.

    Q: Which is the biggest planet in our solar system?
    A: Jupiter

    Q: What is the chemical symbol for Oxygen?
    A: O

    Q: What does the chemical symbol Au represent?
    A: Gold.

    Q: Is Steel a chemical element?
    A: No, it is an alloy.

    Q: Which is the most common metal found on Earth?
    A: Iron

    Q: Is Sodium is a reactive metal?
    A: Yes

    Q: How is Bronze made?
    A: From Copper and Tin.

    Q. Which metal is a liquid at room temperature?
    A: Mercury

    Q: What is the chemical symbol for Lead?
    A: Pb.

    Q: What is the chemical symbol for Sodium?
    A: Na

    Q: Give another name for a huge tidal wave?
    A: A Tsunami

    Q: Are dogs are herbivores?
    A: No, they are omnivores

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