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Science Laboratory Rules Quiz Questions and Answers

The cool-looking apparatus, the smells, the human skeleton that hangs on a pole – the science laboratory is always a fascinating place. However, it can also be a dangerous place if certain rules are not followed. What follows is a quiz designed to test whether you know what to do in order to stay safe in the laboratory. This is guaranteed to be useful whether you are a student, a laboratory technician, a teacher or a scientist.

  • What is the correct procedure for a student to follow if a chemical is spilled at the laboratory?
    a. Go to the toilet
    b. Run out of the room quickly
    c. Splash large amounts of water onto the spill
    d. Stand back and inform the teacher of the spill immediately.
  • When you finish working with chemicals, biological specimens, and other laboratory substances, always …………………………….
    a. Treat your hands with skin lotion
    b. Wash your hands with soap and water
    c. Wipe your hands on a towel
    d. Wipe your hands on your clothes
  • Which of the following is the correct safety rule in the laboratory?
    a. Dispose corrosive liquids and solids into the sink
    b. Point the mouth of the test tube away from your friend
    c. Pour the used solutions back into the bottle
    d. If there is no power supply, investigate yourself
  • Which of the following is the most appropriate step for a student to take following an accident in the laboratory?
    a. Report to the teacher immediately
    b. Run to your friends and ask for help
    c. Run out of the laboratory
    d. Sit silently and pretend that nothing has happened.
  • Below are some hazard symbols with its description. Which symbol matches description?
    a. hazard symbol 1 Irritating substance
    b. hazard symbol 2 Bio-hazardous substance
    c. hazard symbol 3 Corrosive substance
    d. hazard symbol 4 Harmful in small dozes
  • 6. Most car batteries contain acids which are corrosive. Which of the following symbols should be shown on car batteries?
    a. battery symbol 1
    b. battery symbol 2
    c. battery symbol 3
    d. battery symbol 4
  • Do not lift any solutions, glassware or other types of apparatus ………………………….
    a. Above eye level
    b. With one hand only
    c. With both hands
    d. All of the above
  • The following symbol means ……………….
    symbol 1
    a. Oxidising
    b. Acute toxicity
    c. Hazardous to the environment
    d. Flammable
  • Approved devices for eye protection (such as goggles) should be worn in the laboratory
    a. to avoid strain on the eyes
    b. to improve your vision
    c. only if you do not wear corrective glasses.
    d. any time chemicals, heat, glassware or any other lab material is used
  • If you have long hair, before you enter the laboratory it must be
    a. cut very short
    b. held away from the experiment with one hand
    c. always neatly combed
    d. tied back neatly or kept entirely out of the way of the equipment and experiments with a hair band, etc.
  • The following items and activity are permitted in the laboratory:
    a. chewing gum
    b. eating
    c. drinking
    d. None of the above
  • When conducting experiments involving animals, students should
    a. open cages where animals are kept, only with permission
    b. never tease or handle animals in a rough manner
    c. report all bites or scratches to the teacher immediately
    d. All of the above
  • After an experiment is completed, all chemical waste should be
    a. left at your desk lab station for the next class
    b. disposed of as soon as possible according to your teacher’s directions
    c. dumped in the sink or wash away in the sink
    d. taken home with you
  • During experiments involving cutting something with a razor blade or scalpel, always cut material
    a. away from you
    b. toward you
    c. holding it in your hand
    d. perpendicular
  • If a person gets a minor burn on the hand or any other part of the body, it should be treated by …………………..
    a. immersing in cold water, or allowed to be under cold running water for several minutes
    b. applying tooth paste
    c. tying a band aid around the burn
    d. applying any skin cream

Answers to Science Laboratory Rules Quiz

1. d | 2. b | 3. b | 4. a | 5. b | 6. a | 7. a | 8. c | 9. d | 10. d | 11. d | 12. d | 13. b | 14. a | 15. a

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