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Science is the most important part of the education that can help kids to learn different aspects of the scientific and technological world. Kids learn about science right from the school age, getting to know how this planet works, our body system, etc. For many it may be boring or hard to learn, but for others it is an interesting subject to learn. Teachers use different techniques to teach students about the science subject. Science quiz questions for kids are the best way to make them learn about the subject.

Science quiz question and answer are available for kids studying in different standards, and these questions are easy to grasp and understand. These questions are listed as per the different fields of science subject, helping students to learn about different things. The main aim of these science quiz questions is to raise the bar of learning science from different domains and train their minds for learning important things of the planet they are living in.

Whether your kid is in class 8 or even class 6, these science quiz questions for kids work best in every standard. The quiz offer great elementary science practice for kids. Ranging from easy to hard, followed by list of answer, these questions can certainly help kids studying in any standard. So get started with the quiz and help kids improve their science knowledge:

  • Which animal never drinks water?
    A) Kangaroo
    B) Hippopotamus
    C) Rat
    D) Kangaroo Rat
  • Physical phase of life is called -
    A) Protoplasm
    B) Cytoplasm
    C) Organelles
    D) None of the Above
  • The Largest Cell is -
    A) Nerve Cell
    B) Ovum
    C) The egg of an Ostrich
    D) None of the above
  • Which is the Largest Human Cell?
    A) Liver
    B) Skin
    C) Spleen
    D) Ovum
  • Number of Muscles in Human?
    A) 638
    B) 637
    C) 639
    D) 640
  • The Total Number of Bones in the Human Body?
    A) 32
    B) 196
    C) 206
    D) 512
  • Who did the discovery of blood circulation?
    A) Louis Pasteur
    B) William Harvey
    C) Hargobind Khorana
    D) Edward Jenner
  • Name of the Molten Rocks Erupted by a Volcano:
    A) Firestone
    B) Lava
    C) Geyser
    D) Crater
  • Which is the gas in atmosphere protects us from harmful ultraviolet radiations?
    A) Nitrogen
    B) Carbon Dioxide
    C) Oxygen
    D) Ozone
  • Who did the discovery of Penicillin?
    A) Sir Alexander Fleming
    B) Robert Koch
    C) Louis Pasteur
    D) Watson and Crick
  • The SI Unit of Speed is:
    A) M/S
    B) Cm/kg
    C) Km/H
  • How many planets are there in our solar system?
    A) 7
    B) 8
    C) 9
  • The movement of earth on its axis is called -
    A) Revolution
    B) Rotation
    C) Motion
  • The Center of Atom is called:
    A) Neutron
    B) Electron
    C) Proton
  • When the wind blows, it causes:
    A) Changing phases of the moon
    B) Uneven Heating of the Earth
    C) Changing Distance between Sun and Earth
    D) Humidity of the Air
  • What Type of star Sun is?
    A) Supernova
    B) Red Giant
    C) Red Supergiant
  • In which Ocean Mariana Trench is located?
    A) Indian Ocean
    B) Atlantic Ocean
    C) Pacific Ocean
    D) Arctic Ocean
  • What speed system is used for recording distance for travelling in vehicle?
    A) Manometer
    B. Odometer
    C. Speedometer
    D. Monometer
  • Which Instrument is used for checking temperature?
    A) Thermometer
    B. Voltmeter
    C. Barometer
    D. Speedometer
  • Stethoscope is used by:
    A) Doctor
    B) Yoga Teacher
    C) Engineer
    D) Nurse


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