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Want to test your knowledge of trivia or plan the next family game night? What else are you going to do in quarantine, so you must? As a result of social alienation and spending more time with the family, everyone is pulling out their old favorites to play with the kids, such as Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader, fun party games, and Random Trivia games. But this is also a fantastic chance to demonstrate your broad knowledge and familiarity with pop culture.

General Trivia Questions

These trivia questions are meant to test you. How many of these questions on general knowledge do you think you could answer correctly? Your general knowledge will be put to the test with these questions, which will include things like the basics of video games, popular culture, movie trivia, and other general information. How many general knowledge questions do you think you could answer correctly? They might be about the fundamentals of video games, the Internet, sports trivia, and other areas.

  • What does the "www" in a web browser stand for?
    Answer: World Wide Web
  • How many meters long (in length) is an Olympic swimming pool?
    Answer: 50 meters
  • In World War II, which nations comprised the initial Axis powers?
    Answer: Germany, Italy, and Japan
  • Perth, Adelaide, and Brisbane are located in which nation?
    Answer: Australia
  • What kind of geometric pattern are stop signs most often made of?
    Answer: Octagon
  • What do you mean by “cynophobia"?
    Answer: Fear of dogs
  • What type of punctuation marks the end of an imperative sentence?
    Answer: A period or exclamation point
  • Who gave the Pacific Ocean its name?
    Answer: Ferdinand Magellan
  • How many languages have a right-to-left writing system?
    Answer: 12
  • Which nations still use the Shilling as their currency? Further credit: Which nations?
    Answer: Four, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Somalia
  • Name of the man who launched eBay back in 1995?
    Answer: Pierre Omidyar

Food and Drink Trivia Questions

For those in your group who are knowledgeable about food, why not make trivia questions? Find out who the true foodies are by looking through this list.

  • Which M&M color is the rarest?
    Answer: Brown
  • What are dried plums commonly known as?
    Answer: Prunes
  • Which nation has the highest per-capita chocolate consumption?
    Answer: Switzerland
  • What is the term for Indian food that is prepared in a clay oven using charcoal?
    Answer: Tandoori
  • What beverage was the first to reach space?
    Answer: Coca Cola
  • What is the most popular produced drink globally?
    Answer: Tea 7
  • Which meal is the only one that is always safe to eat?
    Answer: Honey
  • What nation is the inventor of ice cream?
    Answer: China
  • "Hendrick’s," "Larios," and "Seagram’s" are some of the best-selling brands of which spirit?
    Answer: Gin
  • Which nation is the origin of Gouda cheese?
    Answer: Netherlands

Kid-Friendly Trivia Questions

The best inquiries for any trivia game at school or with relatives. For everyone's convenience, we have both difficult and simple questions. Keep in mind that some adults may not even be able to answer some of the simple trivia questions. As a result, be alert!

  • What is a youngster animal on a farm? (Spoiler alert: It's a land mammal)
    Answer: A baby goat
  • Who does the wolf pretend to be in Little Red Riding Hood?
    Answer: Grandmother
  • What nation's flag is known as the "Stars and Stripes"?
    Answer: United States of America
  • The name of Ireland's patron saint
    Answer: St. Patrick
  • The rainbow has how many different colors?
    Answer: Seven
  • What shade is a ruby?
    Answer: Red
  • Where was Humpty when he fell in the poem Humpty Dumpty?
    Answer: The wall
  • Who served as the country's first president?
    Answer: George Washington
  • What were Jack and Jill bringing up the hill?
    Answer: A pale of water
  • What country is responsible for creating the Olympic Games?
    Answer: Greece

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