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General Knowledge Quiz for kids to Intrigue their Senses

“Knowledge is Power”. The quotation speaks for itself. Knowledge is indeed power. General knowledge is a crucial subject that tests the capabilities of a child. It also caters to their inquisition regarding the world and its various aspects. The word general reflects that the topic is limitless and includes anything and everything that falls in the purviews of knowledge. There are a plethora of questions and topics ranging from sports to history that can be included in the subject. As a result, it leads to the all-around test of the child. There are many books available for such purposes but the General Knowledge questions for kids is the best way to prepare a child for upcoming challenges in this area of organized knowledge.

General knowledge quiz for kids is the best way to fuel their mind with information on various subjects. Every school includes a curriculum of general knowledge. This prepares the children for quizzes, debates and many other extra-curricular activities. These events boost the self-confidence of the children and make them competitive in a global arena.

We bring you the list of general knowledge quiz for kids from different subject which can be included in their list of studies.

    Continent explorers:
  • Which is the highest waterfall in the world, in US with a vertical drop of over 900 meters?
    a) Victoria Falls
    b) Jog Falls
    c) Angel Falls
    d) Niagara Falls
  • Which is the only continent where there is no reported sighting of mosquitoes?
    a) Australia
    b) Europe
    c) North America
    d) Antarctica
  • Which continent does not have a single desert?
    a) Australia
    b) Europe
    c) Antarctica
    d) Asia
  • World's Second largest continent is?
    a) Asia
    b) Africa
    c) Antarctica
    d) Australia
  • Which continent has the longest coastline?
    a) Asia
    b) Africa
    c) Europe
    d) North America
  • The Time Travelers:
  • If you are native to Peru, which civilization are you most likely to know about?
    a) The Minoans
    b) The Incas
    c) The Aztecs
    d) The Mesopotamians
  • Which battle ensured the British dominance in India for 250 years?
    a) The Anglo-Mysore War
    b) The Battle of Plassey
    c) The Battle of Haldighati
    d) The Battle of Buxar
  • Why is the painting of Mona Lisa famous?
    a) Because of its painter
    b) Because of its finesse
    c) Because of its smile
    d) Because of its size
  • What purpose did the Great Wall of China serve?
    a) Trade route
    b) Protection against Mongolians and Invaders
    c) Practice place for the martial artists
    d) Tourism purposes
  • Which civilization is also known by the name of a river?
    a) The Egyptian Civilization
    b) The Chinese Civilization
    c) The Harappan Civilization
    d) The Mesopotamian Civilization
  • Science fiesta:
  • Which of the following animals has the fastest heartbeat rate?
    a) The Mayfly
    b) The Hummingbird
    c) The Dragonfly
    d) The House Moth
  • Which is the non-metal and can remain liquid at the room temperature?
    a) Phosphorous
    b) Bromine
    c) Chlorine
    d) Helium
  • What is used in Pencils?
    a) Graphite
    b) Silicon
    c) Charcoal
    d) Phosphorous
  • What is the general name of dihydrogen monoxide?
    a) Lime water
    b) Simple water
    c) Acetic acid
    d) Soda
  • Washing Soda is the common name for?
    a) Sodium carbonate
    b) Calcium bicarbonate
    c) Sodium bicarbonate
    d) Calcium carbonate
  • A language detour:
  • If you are talking to the “bard of Avon”, who is the most likely person that you are talking to?
    a) William Shakespeare
    b) John Keats
    c) William Ernest Hemingway
    d) Emily Dickinson
  • Name the most spoken language of Brazil?
    a) Brazilian
    b) Spanish
    c) English
    d) Portuguese
  • Which language has the most number of alphabets?
    a) Mandarin
    b) Japanese
    c) Taiwanese
    d) Khmer (Cambodian)
  • Famous quotations:
  • “The only thing that we need to fear is, ______ itself”, complete the quote?
    a) Death
    b) Fear
    c) Hunger
    d) Poverty
  • Who quoted: “you can do anything, but not everything”?
    a) Joseph Stalin
    b) David Allen c) Albert Einstein
    d) Neil Bohr
  • “Be the ______, you want to see in the world”, complete the quote?
    a) Change
    b) Transformation
    c) Person
    d) Personality
  • “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it”. Who said the lines?
    a) Socrates
    b) Plato
    c) Aristotle
    d) Alexander the great
  • “______ lies in the eyes of the beholder”, complete the saying?
    a) Excellence
    b) Beauty
    c) Charm
    d) Magic


1. c | 2. d | 3. b | 4. b | 5. a | 6. b | 7. d | 8. d | 9. b | 10. d | 11. b | 12. b | 13. a | 14. b | 15. a | 16. a | 17. d | 18. d | 19. b | 20. b | 21. a | 22. c | 23. b

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