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Take our Environment Quiz. Who coined the word ‘ecology’? Free and printable quiz on our environment, ecosystem, pollution and endangered animals. Check your answers with the correct answers given at the end of the quiz. All the best!

Environment Quiz

  • Who coined the word ‘ecology’?
    a. Ernst Haeckel
    b. Charles Darwin
    c. Gregory Mendel
  • What are saprophytes?
    a. Living beings that feed on the sap from tree bark
    b. Living beings that feed on dead or decayed organic matter
    c. Living beings that feed on other living beings.
  • Who are ethologists?
    a. Scientists who study about ethos
    b. Scientists who study about the behaviour of wild animals
    c. Scientists who study about the behaviour of animals in a particular eco system.
  • What are terricolous animals?
    a. Animals that live in a particular territory
    b. Animals that live on high mountains
    c. Animals that live in the soil
  • What are arboreal animals?
    a. Animals living in trees
    b. Animals living in water
    c. Animals living in marshy lands
  • Who is known as the father of evolution?
    a. Gregory Mendel
    b. Charles Darwin
    c. Albert Einstein
  • Which of the following is an amphibian?
    a. Salamanders
    b. Lizards
    c. Fish
  • What is the safe level of noise intensity for humans?
    a. Up to 90 decibels
    b. up to 70 decibels
    c. up to 80 decibels
  • The region of air close to the earth and extending up to 10km high is called
    a. Atmosphere
    b. Stratosphere
    c. Troposphere
  • What are planktons?
    a. Plants living in water
    b. Very small plants and animals living in water
    c. Very small animals living on land
  • What is the meaning of the term ‘abyssopelagic’?
    a. Organisms living at water depths greater than 2000 m
    b. Organisms living at water depths greater than 4000 m
    c. Organisms living at water depths greater than 3000m
  • The production of light by living beings is known as
    a. Bio-luminescence
    b. Bio-lighting
    c. Bio-fluorescence
  • Which country is popularly knowns as ‘land of the windmills’?
    a. The Netherlands
    b. Poland
    c. Norway
  • Who was the first man to travel in space?
    a. Edwin Aldrin
    b. Neil Armstrong
    c. Yuri Gagarin
  • Which instrument is used to measure wind velocity?
    a. Barometer
    b. Anemometer
    c. Hygrometer
  • What is the instrument used to detect earthquakes?
    a. Radiometer
    b. Barometer
    c. Seismograph
  • What is the unit in which radio activity is measured?
    a. Newton
    b. Roentgen
    c. Decibel
  • The region of the atmosphere above 400 km and higher is known as
    a. Exosphere
    b. Mesosphere
    c. Thermosphere
  • The major diet of pandas is
    a. Acacia leave
    b. Bamboo
    c. Grass
  • Which of the following is not an endangered animal?
    a. Siberian tiger
    b. Loggerhead turtle
    c. The Maned Wolf

1. a | 2. b | 3. b | 4. c | 5. a | 6. b | 7. a | 8. c | 9. c | 10. b | 11. b | 12. a | 13. a | 14. c | 15. b | 16. c | 17. b | 18. a | 19. b | 20. c

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