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Social Media Quiz

Take our Social Media Quiz to find out how social media-savvy you are. Check your answers with the correct answers given at the end of the quiz. All the best!

  • What is the character limit for a post on twitter?
    a. 45
    b. 145
    c. 140
  • What was an early version of YouTube called?
    a. Tune In Hook Up
    b. Share your world
    c. Universal tube
  • When was Twitter launched?
    a. March 2006
    b. July 2006
    c. June 2006
  • Which service is called “the SMS of the internet”?
    a. Facebook messenger
    b. Twitter
    c. Instagram
  • What is the minimum age to join Facebook?
    a. 18
    b. 15
    c. 13
  • Which is the home city of twitter?
    a. California
    b. New York
    c. San Francisco
  • Who were the first members of Facebook?
    a. Ivy league
    b. Students of Stanford
    c. Students of Harvard
  • What is the maximum duration for Instagram videos?
    a. 18 seconds
    b. 20 seconds
    c. 15 seconds
  • What is the motto of YouTube?
    a. Broadcast yourself
    b. Do no evil
    c. Self-expression is a human right
  • What approximate amount was paid by Facebook to acquire WhatsApp?
    a. US$ 19.3 billion
    b. US$ 19.6 billion
    c. US$ 19.2 billion
  • Who is the founder of Tumblr?
    a. Paul Allen
    b. Steve Wozniak
    c. David Karp
  • What was the name of snapchat when it started as a prototype?
    a. Picaboo
    b. Photochat
    c. Polaroid
  • When was Flickr created?
    a. 2005
    b. 2004
    c. 2003
  • Where is Baidu headquarters located?
    a. Shanghai
    b. Hong Kong
    c. Beijing
  • What was google originally called?
    a. Googol
    b. Backchat
    c. Backrub
  • In which year was Instagram acquired by Facebook?
    a. 2013
    b. 2012
    c. 2014
  • What is the name of the company that google created, to do research into anti-aging?
    a. Exobeing
    b. Calico
    c. Cortana
  • Which social media giant has acquired Tumblr?
    a. Google
    b. Facebook
    c. Yahoo!
  • What is the title of the first ever YouTube video?
    a. Hello world!
    b. You are watched
    c. Me at the zoo
  • “Some of the comments on YouTube make you weep for the future of humanity just for the spelling alone, never mind the obscenity and the naked hatred.” Which magazine gave this comment about YouTube?
    a. TIME magazine
    b. The New Yorker
    c. The Atlantic


1. c | 2. a | 3. b | 4. b | 5. c | 6. c | 7. c | 8. c | 9. a | 10. a | 11. c | 12. a | 13. b | 14. c | 15. c | 16. b | 17. b | 18. c | 19. c | 20. a

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