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Good bye 2016 - poem - Moving on

Moving on

Good bye 2016!
You blessed being!
Though I cursed you sometimes,
I know now, you blessed me more.

Sometimes I rode the tide
Perched on a throne.
Sometimes, I was down under,
And waves washed over me.

Yet here I am, hale and hearty,
The richer and wiser,
By a whole year,
By a whole, long year.

No regrets have I,
All accomplishments:
No bitterness have I,
All sweet memories.

Successes elated me,
Failures taught me,
Disappointments strengthened me,
Misfortunes wizened me.

Good bye 2016!
You blessed being!
Wish me good luck
As I move on.

2017 is beckoning,
Chock-full of promises,
Hopes and aspirations,
Wishes and expectations.

Wonder how I will fare,
How I will maneuver,
Through meandering pathways,
Treacherous terrains.

With stars in my eyes,
I greet the New Year.
And I wonder how I’ll fare
In the brand New Year.

Yet I take heart,
As I always have,
Around the bend
Is the lush pasture.

Tunnels will always end,
A mountain has a valley,
The cloud gives the rain,
Thorns have roses.

I know I shall be good,
My heart says so,
The good will of the world
Is here with me I believe.

When the clouds gather,
When the heart is heavy,
When the path gets dark,
I will sing a song.

A song for the New Year,
For 2017, a new lease of life
I will sing through trials,
Trepidations and tribulations.

And then I shall greet the New Year,
With a song in my heart,
A smile on my lips,
And stars in my eyes.

Welcome 2017!

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