Kids Poems » The Broken Pipe

Come here, little Willie ;
Why, what is the trouble ?
"I've broke my new pipe, ma'-
I can't make a bubble !"

Well, don't weep for that, child ;
Come brighten your face,
And tell how this grievous
Disaster took place.

"Why, Puss came along,
And said I, ' Now shell think
This white frothy water
Is milk she may drink. "

"So, I set it before her,
And plunged her mouth in,
When up came her paws,
And clung fast to my chin.

" Then I gave her a blow
With my pipe ; and it flew
At once into pieces ! -
0, what shall I do?

"I can't make a bubble !
I wish naughty Kit
Had been a mile off :
See, there's blood on me yet !"

I'm sorry, my boy ; though
Your loss is but just.
You first deceived Pussy,
And trifled with trust.

And failing in this,
You compelled her ; and thence
The wound on your face
From poor Kit's self-defence.

Then when you grew cruel,
And beat her. you know
Your pipe and yourself
Fared the worst for the blow.

Let this lesson teach you.
Hence never to stoop,
To make man or brute,
That may trust you, a dupe;

That when you have power,
It should not be abused,
Oppressing the weaker,
Nor strength be misused.

For often unkindness
Returns whence it came ;
Deceit, too, will ever
Be followed by shame.

Remember this, William,
And here end your sorrow :
I'll buy you a pipe,
To make bubbles, to-morrow.

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