Kids Poems » The Child’s Hymn to Spring

Thou lovely and glorious Spring,
Descending to us from the sky,
I praise thee for coming to bring
Such beautiful things to my eye !

For, bearing thine arms full of flowers
To strew o'er the earth, hast thou come,
Adorning this low world of ours
With brightness like that of thy home.

And thou hast brought back the gay birds,
Their songs full of gladness to sing
To give, in their musical words,
Their sweet little anthems to Spring !

The roots thou hast watered and fed ;
The leaves thou hast opened anew ;
The violet lifts its meek head,
And seems as 'twere praising thee, too.

The hills thou hast made to rejoice,
And all their young buds to unfold ;
The cowslips spring up at thy voice,
And dot the green meadows with gold.

The brooks o'er the pebbles that run
Are sounding thy praise as they go ;
The grass points its blades to the sun,
And thanks thee for making them grow.

The rush and the delicate reed
Are waving in honor of thee,
The lambkins are learning to feed -
The honey-cup 's filled for the bee.

The butterfly 's out on the wing
The spices are out on the breeze ;
And sweet is the breathing of Spring-
That conies thro' the blossoming trees !

The forest, the grove and the vine
In festival vestures are clad,
To show that a presence like thine
Is making them grateful and glad.

The earth and the waters are bright
The skies are all beaming and mild ;
And oh ! with unmingled delight
Thy charms fill the heart of the child !

Sweet Spring ! 'twas my Maker made thee,
And sent thee to brighten our days!
Thine aim is his glory, I see : -
I'll join thee in giving him praise.

My heart seems to sing like the birds ;-
Like blossoms to open with love,
Which God will, as music and words,
Receive for my anthem above.

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