Kids Poems » The Child And The Fire Fly

Come here, pretty fly,
For the grass is so damp
And the wind is so high,
They will put out your lamp.

Come, don't be so coy,
Flashing by me with fear ;
There's naught to destroy,
Or to injure you here.

Like a bright little spark
As you're flying about,
Here and there, in the dark,
0, you will get put out !

Then come, pretty fly,
Here's a shelter for you :
Not a blast shall come nigh,
Nor a drop of the dew.

Secure shall you stand,
Little jewel, and shed
Your light in my hand,
When your winglets are spread ;

Or rest here by me,
In the pure crystal cup ;
If you '11 just let me see
How your winglets go up.

" ' Many thanks for your care,"
Said the wise little fly ;
" But without dew and air,
I should soon faint and die.

" More charms do I find
In a fresh blade of grass,
Than appears, to my mind,
In a whole house of glass !

" My lamp is not made
Of the poor, wasting oil,
With burning to fade,
Or for dampness to spoil.

"By a hand that's unseen
It is fashioned and trimmed ;
And this is the screen
That shall keep it undimmed.

" Secure in that hand,
I can live at my ease,
And glow while I'm fanned
By the blast and the breeze.

"I love to be free,
And to feel the whole world
Is open to me
When my wings are unfurled.

" Prom a sweet verdant sod
Am I raised up at night,
When the brightness of God
Lends the Fire-fly her light !"

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