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Short poem about Rio Olympics 2016

Rio Olympics 2016

Dad said, “It’s Olympics time,”
And Mum said, “It’s screen time.”
They slouch on the couch;
Between them, I crouch.

Our eyes glued to the screen,
Wowed by the brilliant scene,
Dazzled by the panorama,
The very first opening drama.

Dad and mum cheer mightily,
As Michael Phelps swims magically.
I wish a mighty fish I could be,
Just as he seems to be!

Then I see another man,
Seems really not human,
For like a cheetah he races,
“Usian Bolt!” Dad raves.

Derek Drouin jumps so high,
Like a red kangaroo, Oh My!
A hero he is, for me,
To fly so high, so free.

Jeff Henderson just amazes,
Like a mountain goat he leaps.
So mighty, so agile,
Seems to span a mile!

We watch 100 metre butterfly,
Joseph Schooling, Oh My!
How like a dolphin he is!
How like a merman he glides!

We sit up now, no more slouching,
No more crouching and grouching.
My parents look at me,
I have something to say; they know me.

“I would like to grow up,
To muscle up and tone up.”
I said, “An Olympian I wish to be,
A brilliant one I vow to be.”

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