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Learn to Accept New Things

It was Suzy’s 8th birthday. She was very happy as Suzy’s mom and dad celebrated the birthday in a grand manner. She also received numerous gifts.

She was gifted a pair of blue shoes for her birthday. Suzy’s grandmother gifted it. Suzy’s mom and dad bought her luxurious gown to match with the blue shoes. She even purchased the matching accessories.

Blue was Suzy’s favorite color! She loved the beautiful pair of blue shoes a lot. Although she got many gifts on her birthday, she never cared to use any other gift. She told everyone that it was the best gift she received so far!

Suzy started to wear the blue shoes everywhere she went, except for her school, as her school shoe was black.

Soon after reaching home from school, Suzy wore the blue shoes. She played wearing the shoes. She went shopping with the blue shoes. She even wore the blue shoes for parties and functions. As she started wearing the shoes everywhere she went, the beautiful pair of shoes started to lose its color.

Suzy’s 9th birthday was to be celebrated in a few days. Suzy recalled the gift of blue shoes she received! When she was about to wear the blue shoes, she saw a hole on the sole of the shoe. She also discovered that it was not the same beautiful shoe that she received as a gift. Suzy started to cry and became very upset.

She talked to her mom about the torn shoes. She refused to eat, study, and sleep. She went to sleep extremely sad.

Suzy’s mom talked to her. She told that when she was younger, she lived in a village without proper facilities. As they grow old, everyone needs to accept the changes.

She added, ‘Suzy you were 8 years old before a year. You were in class 3. Now you are in class 4. It is a change. If you are not ready to accept the change, you would always stay in class 3. Otherwise, you would be still studying in kindergarten! As change is inevitable, accept the good and grow with it.

Suzy understood. She was gifted a pair of shoes again for her ninth birthday. This time it was not blue, but a pair of pink shoes!

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