Kids Poems » The Child And The Honey Bee

Come here, little bee !
There are sweet flowers by me ;
Come, and just let me see
How your honey is made.
" Oh ! I can't ; for I fear
That, for coming too near
I should pay very dear ;
I'm afraid ! I'm afraid !”

O, feel no alarm !
Not a wing nor an arm -
Not a part will I harm,
While you're sipping your till
Pretty maid, then I'll come
Close beside you, and hum ;
And you shall have some
Of the sweets I distil."

My trust then is free,
Just as yours is to me ;
But, be sure, little bee,
Not to give me your sting !
"Oh, no, no ! since I flew
From the cell where I grew,
None has known me to do
So ungrateful a thing !”

Then, why thus supplied
With a sting, but to hide
And to keep never tried,
Out of sight ? cunning bee !
" He who gave me the sting,
And the swift gauzy wing.
Bids me not harm a thing
That would not injure me."

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