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The Tale of Two Fishes and a Frog - Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Rinki and Chinki were two fishes who lived in a pond. They also had a loving family and a very good friend, Cheeku the frog. Rinki and Chinki used to play all day long with Cheeku. Their pond had fishes, frogs, crabs and other animals too. In the evening Rinki & Chinki used to go to Cheeku’s house to talk every day.

One day a few fishermen were passing by. They had big pots and nets with them. All of their nets and pots were full of big shiny fishes, fat frogs, and red crabs. Cheeku was sitting near the edge of the lake and he saw them. The fishermen were passing by the pond and looking at the fishes, crabs, and frogs inside the pond. One of the fishermen told the other, “Hey take a look. This pond has so many fishes, crabs, and fat frogs. Perhaps we should come back here tomorrow and catch them.”

Cheeku was listening to all of them talking. He jumped inside the pond and went to his house. In the evening Rinki & Chinki came to his house. He had already told his family and all of his family was ready to leave the house.

He told Rinki and Chinki about what he had heard from the fisherman. After listening to the story, Rinki burst into laughter. She said “You are so lame, I know too many tricks to dodge the nets. I can avoid getting caught in the net”. Cheeku was very surprised at her reaction. Meanwhile, Chinki also became arrogant and said “It is my ancestral home. I can’t leave it for some foolish talk you heard. I have sharp teeth and I will cut all their nets. Haha” Cheeku became sad that his best friends were not listening to him.

After a few hours, Cheeku and his family left the pond. They took a nearby well as their home. Meanwhile, Rinki and Chinki stayed back in the pond. They also told other fishes and crabs to not worry and stay in the pond. In the morning the fisherman came. They had big nets and large pots. They threw the nets all over the pond. The nets caught all of the crabs as they could not swim fast enough. Now Rinki and Chinki were afraid for their life. Next, they threw another small net and caught the frogs and Rinki & Chinki also. Both Rinki & Chinki tried their best to cut the net and escape, but they failed.

The fishermen were very happy when they saw the fat and shiny fishes Rinki and Chinki. They placed both of them separately. After placing the fishes inside their pots, they hanged Rinki and Chinki on their shoulders. They displayed them like a prize and were very happy. Meanwhile, Cheeku was sitting outside the well and he saw the fishermen carrying all of the fishes. He also saw Rinki and Chinki who were their biggest catch being displayed like a prize.

Their arrogant behavior had cost them their life

MORAL: Always try to save yourself when in danger, safety first.

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