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Tale of Golden Droppings - Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Once upon a time, there was a rare bird named Sindhuka. The bird had a special quality that made him a rare one. His droppings turned into gold. The bird was living on a huge tree. One day, a bird hunter came to the jungle to hunt birds. However, the hunter had a bad day. He couldn’t hunt even a single bird.

The tired hunter decided to rest under the tree where Sindhuka used to live. Ironically, Sindhuka, at the same time, excreted the droppings which fell on the hunter and immediately turned into gold. On seeing the droppings turning into gold, the hunter was awestruck!!!

Before this, the hunter had never ever heard of a bird with golden droppings. “Catching this one bird is profitable than wasting time to catch all birds,” he thought. However, catching a bird with golden droppings will definitely make me rich.” Therefore, he set a trap on the tree to catch Sindhuka.

Soon afterward, Sindhuka got trapped in the hunters net. Sindhuka now regretted of not being careful enough with the laid trap. The hunter was very happy and he kept Sindhuka inside a cage and marched towards the city. He was planning that soon he will be rich with the golden dropping off the bird.

But later he thought that someday the public will come to know about the secret of the golden droppings and they may snatch the bird from him. So, he planned that this is a rare royal bird with golden droppings and it needs a royal treatment. So, he decided to gift the bird to the king and in return, the king will give him a bounty in price.

Soon he reached the palace and gifted the rare bird to the king. He also informed the king and the court members about the golden droppings. On hearing this, the king became happy and ordered his servants to place the bird in a golden cage and provide utmost care to Sindhuka. But the king’s minister refused to accept the fact that the bird had golden droppings.

“This hunter is a fraud,” the ministers said. “Why will he give you a bird with golden droppings and not keep it with himself?” The ministers suggested to the king to free the bird from the cage and it is a trick by the hunter to get a bounty from the king. The king followed his minister’s advice and ordered the soldiers to release the bird and punish the hunter.

As soon as Sindhuka was released, he perched himself on a high wall and discharged his droppings, which to the amazement of the king and his ministers turned into gold.

On realizing that he had made a mistake and that golden droppings rumor was indeed true, the king in no time ordered the soldiers to catch the bird, but it was too late!! The bird was already free, Sindhuka flipped his wings and flew off where nobody could catch him. Bravo! Sindhuka was free again. This time Sindhuka promised himself never to be careless again.

Moral: It is important to check thoroughly, even though facts and rumors may seem improbable.

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