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The Cunning Mediator - Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Once upon a time, there were two partridges (Quail-like birds) living in the jungle. These partridges were best friends. One used to live on the tree and other inside the hole of the same tree. Both the partridges would go hunting, eat and play together with each other. They had developed a strong bond between them.

However, one day, one partridge went with his neighbor in search of food. But the partridge did not return at sunset. His friend partridge becomes worried, he prayed for him. The partridge did not return even after nightfall. The first partridge thought that his friend might have been killed by some hunter. Many days and weeks passed but the partridge did not return. He missed him a lot. He gave up hope of his friend’s return. He adjusted his life without his friend.

One day, a hare came in search of a burrow. He found the empty hole in the tree. This was the same hole where the missing partridge used to live. He started living in that hole. The other partridge did not stop him because he had no hope left that his friend will return someday.

Some more days passed and surprisingly, one day the partridge returned to the tree. He had gone to a place where there was plenty of food. He had become fat. But, he returned because he missed his best friend.

He asked the hare to vacate the hole. But the hare was not ready to do so. “I won’t leave this house because it is mine,” he said.

Even after a lot of arguments, the hare was not ready to leave the hole. The partridge decided that he will seek the judgment with a nobleman. “You don’t have any basic ethics in your life. We will seek justice from a holy man. One who has knowledge of the religion, holy books and etiquettes,” the Partridge said.

The hare agreed to this. Meanwhile, their talks were overheard by a kitty cat. He became aware of the fact that, the partridge and hare were looking for a holy man to settle their dispute of the hole. He immediately grabbed a rosary and stood on the banks of the river. He started chanting and praying loudly from a high place where he was clearly visible.

As the partridge and hare came near him, he closed his eyes and started chanting the mantras even more loudly. On listening to the chants, they both stopped at a distance. Now the cat opened his eyes and said, “There is nothing that entices me anymore in this world. I have forsaken all desires and temptations. Don’t be afraid of my children. I have stopped preying even on the lice since a long time ago. I am now a vegetarian trying to achieve spirituality.”

The hare and partridge became happy. But the partridge told hare, “Keep distance from the kitty cat as he is an enemy to both of us”. The hare agreed with the partridge.

They told the matter to the cat, but the cat replied to the hare, “Dear child I am a saint. Also, I am very old. I can’t hear you from a distance.” He continued, “Please come closer and discuss your matter fearlessly.” So, both the hare and the partridge approached the cat. As they both came within his reach, he grabbed the hare with the mouth and partridge with his claws. He ends up both in one go.

MORAL: Never believe your enemy.

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