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The Crow-Rat Discourse - Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Once upon a time, in a jungle in south India, lived a crow, named Lagupatanaka and the King of doves, named Chiyragriva. Once, Chiyragriva and his flock of doves were rescued by Hiranyaka, a rat. After seeing, how Hiranyaka had helped the poor Chiyragriva, Lagupatanaka came down from the tree and called out the rat. The smart crow started mimicking the voice of Chiyragriva.

On listening to the voice, the rat said to himself, “Why the King of Doves is calling me again? Haven’t I freed all the birds from Hunter’s net?” So, not being sure, he asked, “Who is calling?”

He said, “I’m Lagupatanaka, a crow!!”

The rat replied from his home, “Crows are my enemies, so move on. I don’t know you”.

The crow retreated slightly and cleverly replied, “Dear! I have come here to strike a friendly deal with you. Are you not interested in meeting with me?”

The rat said, “What will be the profit if I come out and meet with you?”

Lagupatanaka answered, “Dear, I saw you rescuing Chiyragriva and his crew. I think it will be a great honor to have a friend like you. It will be quite helpful to have you in need of an hour. I want your loyal friendship for a long time to come.”

“The idea is not good for me,” the rat replied. “It seems to me a very bad idea. I’m not interested in your deal at all. You and I, we both are like grass and the horse. One eats the other. How can there be any bonding between you and me? Probably you haven’t listened to what our wise elders have stated!” he added.

Friendship and marriage should be always between those of equal caste and wealth. There can never ever be any kind of connection between the poor and the strong.

“He who wants amity for someone, who is not alike, will earn mockery. Therefore, you please leave me alone”

The crow politely answered, “Hiranyaka, I will not go anywhere, if you will not accept my friendship proposal. I will quit eating until I die.”

The rat remained firm and said, “But I can’t be your ally.”

The crow replied in a sad tone. “If you will not accept my plea, then I shall starve myself at your door-step.”

Hiranyaka replied angrily, “How we can be friends? We don’t know each other well enough!!!”

Hiranyaka annoyingly explained, “There are two types of enmities. First is natural and the second one is fake enmity. The fake enmity fades away when the reason for enmity disappears. But the natural enmity lasts up to the point of death.”

“I didn’t get it properly. Can you please explain it once again?” the crow asked.

The rat heaved a big sigh and said, “Listen. The natural enmity is by birth, for e.g. snake and mongoose, cats and rats, Devatas and Rakshasa, dogs and rats. These two individuals can never be friends. This enmity ends only if one individual dies.”

Then the crow said, “Dear, you are wrong. There is always some logic or reason behind enmity and friendship.”

“Right!! Only a blind man can believe in your character, not me,” the rat replied.

The crow pleaded again, “I will never harm you and please don’t feel insecure talking to me. I will always be by your side, whatever may be the scenario.”

“Believing in pledges or swearing is not good. Promise me, that you will not enter my palace because even a small hole can drown an entire ship inside water,” the rat said.

After this long conversation, the rat had no more insecurity. He had understood that Lagupatanaka was a wise crow indeed. Therefore, Hiranyaka finally accepted Lagupatanaka’s friendship proposal.

After that, they became good friends with each other. They always shared their food and spent gossiping all day long. Finally, they both became best friends and pals and lived happily ever after.

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