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Shandili and Sesame Seeds - Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Once upon a time, there was a famous temple in south India. There lived a well-educated Brahmin in a small village with his wife named, Shandili. They both were living happily with each other. However, they were very poor.

One fine day, the Brahmin said to his wife “Shandili, It’s an auspicious occasion! There is a festival tomorrow. I am going to the city for alms and I hope to earn a few alms, which will be enough for the next 2 or 3 days”. “We can give some delicious food and clothes to the poor Brahmins, so you need to invite them to our house tomorrow. It will be a kind deed and God will become happy and bless us for showing kindness to others,” he added.

However, his wife Shandili angrily reacted to him and said, “What are you saying? We don’t have enough food and clothes for our own livelihood and you are saying to invite Brahmins and offer them delicious tasty food and nice clothes? Our daily routine depends on alms. And you didn’t care for a minute? How will I arrange these things? Sorry, I can’t afford to offer them anything in the name of good deeds.”

The Brahmin smiled and said, “Dear Shandili, you are absolutely right! Though we have had a handful of food and fewer clothe all of our life. But think a while. If we share such things with poor and the needy, it’s a great luxury for them.”

After some time, his wife got convinced and replied, “Ok, if you want to do good deeds, I will fulfil your wish and do as told. I have some sesame seeds. I will clean them and remove the husks from it and cook some delicious dishes.”

As decided, the Brahmin went to the city for some alms. Meanwhile, Shandili took sesame seeds, cleaned them using warm water and removed the husks from it. After that, she spread them outside in the sun to dry them. Later, she carried out her daily chores as usual.

After a few hours, when she came back to pick up sesame seeds, she realized that a dog had come and spoiled all the cleaned sesame seeds. She headed towards the heavens and murmured, “The evil dog has wasted all of my efforts. Those were the only handful of sesame seeds, which I had. What will I do now?”

However, after a few minutes of pondering, she cleverly smiled and said to herself. “I will exchange these cleaned and husked sesame seeds with the dirty and un-husked seeds with my neighbour.”

She went to her neighbour and offered her husked, cleaned sesame seeds. Her neighbour woman didn’t suspect any foul play behind her offering. She happily accepted her exchange offer. Unfortunately, in the middle of the seeds exchange, the neighbour’s son came out and asked her. Mum, who will give cleaned and husked sesame seeds with dirty ones? I suspect there is something fishy with this exchange offer, please say no to her.”

The lady was convinced by her son’s intelligent argument. She turned down her offer humbly.

Shandili realized that her neighbour had understood her plan to cheat on her. She left quietly.

MORAL: Do not ever try to act smart and never accept other’s lucrative offers.

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