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Of Crows and Owls - Panchatantra Stories for Kids

A long time ago, all the birds, Peacocks, Eagles, Swans, Parrots, Cranes and rest of the others held a meeting. They called a meeting to address an important issue. However, no crow came to attend the meeting. Therefore, they commenced the meeting without a crow member.

“Though Garuda is the King of us, he has no concern for any of us. He is always busy with his family. We don’t need a king like Garuda, who is a nominal king and not interested in protecting his community,” they said.

They decide to elect a new king among themselves. Consequently, they started looking at each other. Deciding which bird would be more suited to be the next king. All of a sudden, the features of Owl started drawing the most attention from all birds. He looked different from others. He looked powerful and had sharp features. Most of all, he had very keen eyesight, he could see in the night, when most birds were vulnerable to danger.

After much debate, it was decided that the owl would be crowned as the new mighty king of the birds. Therefore, they start preparing for rituals of enthronement. The birds gathered 108 holy roots, holy water and prepared a royal and well-decorated throne. They invited Brahmins, who started chanting and reciting mantras loudly. The pretty birds beat the drums and blew conches in happiness. A map of all continents and countries came for the coronation of the Owl.

The Owl and his wife were given a guard of honour on their way to the throne. At the same moment, a crow came there; he asked birds, “What’s going on? Why have all the birds gathered, why this decoration, chanting and trumpeting? Is it someone’s birthday or someone’s marriage?” The Crow asked a bunch of questions!!

Undeniably, the crow was famous for his intelligence; the birds described him the entire matter and asked for his viewpoint.

The crow started laughing uncontrollably.

Finally, the crow stopped laughing and explained his point. “Do we need an ugly, fierce king? Aren’t we birds known for our beauty and colors? We have many pretty birds like Peacock, Swans, Pigeons etc. But the Owl doesn’t deserve to be our King. The Owl is blind in daylight. We have a king like Garuda, whose name is enough for our enemies. Look at him; he looks cruel from his twisted nose and squinty eyes. Imagine how he would look if he were to get angry!! In my opinion, the Owl isn’t the appropriate choice to be our King.”

Listening to the crow’s viewpoint all of them agreed. The birds found his argument correct and reviewed their decision again on electing Owl as their king. They called-off owl’s coronation.

One-after the other, birds flew away. Brahmins and the beautiful maidens too left the coronation. But the crow was still there, he sat on the tree. The owl watched all this in bewilderment. He couldn’t understand what this hue and cry was all about. He was anxiously waiting to be crowned as the new king.

He asked his wife, “What’s going on? When will the enthronement begin?”

“I think your coronation is undermined by the crow. He cleverly manipulated the birds in changing their decision. He stayed here to embarrass you,” his wife said.

The Owl got depressed and angry. He yelled at the crow. “Why did you do this to me? You are a black-hearted bird like your color!!! Today, I break all of my friendly ties from you. From today onwards, you and I will share only one kind of relation i.e. enmity.”

The owl and his wife too left the venue. The only crow was left alone for thinking. What did he just do? Why did he put his opinion forward for no reason? Even when the birds didn’t seek his advice?

Since then, the crow and owl have been enemies of each other.

MORAL: Don’t give advice until you have been requested upon.

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