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The Bird with Two Heads - Panchatantra Stories for Kids

In a great valley, there flowed a beautiful river. Along the river banks lived a beautiful bird named Hamsa. He was young and beautiful. Besides, he was unique from all other birds that lived in the region. He had two heads and a single body.

One day, Hamsa was walking along the river bank. He saw a beautiful golden-reddish fruit lying on the sand. As soon as the first head saw the fruit, he exclaimed, “Oh my Lord…this is the most beautiful fruit I have seen. God has sent this fruit for me from paradise”. The second head replied, “Oh you cheap fellow, Let me have it, I wanna taste it!”

The first head did not want to share the fruit. He said to the second head, “We both share the same stomach, so whether you eat or I eat, it really does not matter”. So I will have it. The second head was very disappointed with the cunningness of the first head. He kept quiet and did not say anything.

The first head then replied wisely. He said, “Hey I found it, I cannot give it to you. I will give it to our wife.” So, the first head picked up the fruit and gave it to their wife. The wife washed and cut the fruit. It was really very tasty. She loved the fruit and asked for more. The first head got all the credits for bringing such a nice fruit. This made the second head all the more jealous.

Meanwhile, a few days later, Hamsa was again roaming along the banks of the river. The second head noticed a bluish and whitish fruit lying on the sands of the river. The second head immediately picked it up. When the first head saw the fruit, he understood what it actually was! He exclaimed “Oh my dear partner, please throw away this fruit. Do not eat it. It’s actually a poisonous fruit.

If you eat it, both of us share the same stomach. We both will die. So save both of us. The second head was not in a mood to listen to the first head speech. He replied “Oh’ you treacherous one! You are jealous now that I have been rewarded with a beautiful fruit. Now keep quiet and let me have it”

The first head kept warning him. However, the second head did not listen to him. He ate the poisonous fruit and fell severely ill. The first head also felt the suffering and then both began to cry. They both eventually suffered due to the foolish actions of one partner. Finally, somehow, Hamsa managed to reach his home. The wife started crying fearing Hamsa would not survive the poison.

She served medicine to Hamsa and after a few days, Hamsa recovered. She now asked the story about eating the poisonous fruit. She also scolded both heads for not understanding each other. She asked them not to be selfish and never let your wisdom be overtaken by revenge or negative feelings.

MORAL: Unity is strength.

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