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The Brahmani and the Mongoose - Panchatantra Stories for Kids

Vimal and his wife were Brahmins who lived in a village. After a few months of marriage, his wife gave birth to their baby son. That same night, Vimal saw a female mongoose die. He also saw a little baby mongoose sitting beside its mother’s body. The baby mongoose was crying bitterly. Vimal’s heart melted when he saw the baby mongoose crying. He took pity on it and took it home.

Now it was like Vimal had a complete family. He had a beautiful wife and two sons. He and his wife treated the mongoose just like their son. His wife used to feed her own milk to both of them. She took care of clothes and bed for both. Vimal also equally loved all of his family.

As time passed by, both the son and the mongoose grew and both became best of friends. The boy and little mongoose would play all day long. They mongoose would always sleep by the boy’s bed. The wife however now kept an eye on the mongoose. She always knew that he was a wild animal. “It’s only a matter of time before his animal instincts begin to reflect”, she thought. So she would never leave her son alone with the mongoose.

One day she had to go out to the far-off well to draw water. She called her husband and told him to keep an eye while both of the little ones were playing. Vimal was too casual and didn’t take it seriously. After his wife left, the boy and the mongoose continued playing with each other. After a while, Vimal fed milk to both of them and the boy fell asleep.

Vimal now went to his room and continued his prayers and holy chants. The mongoose laid himself down near the boy as usual. After a while, a big cobra entered the boy’s room. The mongoose on hearing to the Cobra hissing woke up. He too was terrified to see the venomous cobra. Since snakes and mongoose are natural enemies, the cobra attacked the mongoose. Now the animal instincts of mongoose became active and he started fighting with the cobra. The cobra was big and strong. But, the mongoose was fast and swift. He dodged the snake attacks and bit him in several places. After half an hour of fighting, the mongoose finally killed the cobra.

The mongoose was happy he had saved his little brother’s life. He went to the doorstep and stood up on his two legs, waiting for his mother. When the wife returned with the water pitcher on her head she saw the mongoose all covered in blood. She thought that maybe he bit her son and his animal instincts took over. She lost her temper. She threw the heavy water pitcher on the little mongoose, who was severely wounded. The mongoose fell unconscious. The wife called Vimal and ran inside. When she saw the dead snake in pieces, she realized that the mongoose had saved her son’s life.

She immediately ran and picked up the little mongoose who was breathing very slowly. Vimal also felt as if the mongoose would die because of his wounds. Finally, after taking good care, in a few weeks, the mongoose became well. The boy and mongoose resumed their friendship and it again became a happy family who lived ever after.

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