Kids Poems » Star Hymn

From its home so high and far,
There's a little twinkling star,
Down through evening shades and damp,
Beaming, like a diamond lamp !

Soft as angel ministry
Doth its lustre come to me ;
While to God, who holds it there,
I address my soul in prayer.

Clouds may rise and intervene
Me and that dear star between ;
While, unchanged, the star will be
True to heaven, and true to me.

Sinful thoughts may thus arise
In my soul, and o'er my eyes
Bring a vapor, that will hide
God's bright angel at my side !

May the penitential tear
Then my clouded vision clear,
And my drooping spirit feel
Christ apply the pardon-seal !

Now that peaceful star on high,
Like an angel watcher's eye,
Do I love to know will keep
Beaming o'er me while I sleep.

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