Kids Poems » The Christmas Tithing – Poem

'It was near the happy Christmas-time,
And all the country roads
Were strung along with teams that drew
Full, high, and plenteous loads,
The Mormon farmers bringing in
Their tithing for the year.
Oh, 'twas a sight to cheer the eyes,
A pleasant sound to hear!

With willing hands they brought to Him
The tenth of what was given,
And knew His blessing would again
Unloose the stores of heaven.
The sacks of wheat and flour by which
The "temple hands" were fed,
The sweet dried fruits and honey-comb,
And apples, gold and red,
The barrels rilled with syrups pure,
Butter and creamy cheese,
Fluttering poultry what poor men
Were ever served like these ?

Yet not alone for "temple hands "
These tithings all were brought,
In ev'ry ward (ignoring creeds)
The poor and sad are sought;
Their names are learned, and ev'ry one
On bishop's list enrolled;
For each are gen'rous baskets filled,
And measured wood and coal;
And busy men step in and out,
As the tithing wagons go
Out through the gate to every ward
Their portion to bestow.

Oh, once I went to many homes,
And happy scenes were they;
There busy worked the wives to get
All done for Christmas- day;
For romping boys were newly made
Full suits of Provo goods ;
For little girls, light woolen plaids,
And pretty home-made hoods!

I saw the laborer's sickly child
With dainty food was fed,
As fresh and pure as e' er before
The epicure was spread.
No happier driver takes a load,
Where'er the things may go,
Than he who carries to the poor
On Christmas eve through snow
For well he knows how eyes that closed
Expecting naught, shall wake
And find a joyous Christmas gift,
And bless him for its sake.

The many blessings tithing brings
Not you or I can count;
The little tenth from each one swells
To rich and large amount.
Oh, blessings on the heart that gives
The duty that it owes,
And praise His love who made the law^
That like a river flows
Through all our mountains and our vales,
Relieving, first, the poor,
And writes the giver's name in lines
Forever shall endure !

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