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Magic and Tricks are bound to enthrall both kids and adults alike. It is one of the oldest forms of performance art in which audiences are entertained by staged tricks of feats that seem impossible and supernatural. Don’t ever forget that magic only tricks our mind into thinking that something impossible has been accomplished when in reality it has been a planned and well-organized trick that has just slipped our notice even while our eyes are glued on the performer.

These days it is easy to find camera tricks and technical support used in magic tricks, but even then, the tricks are a sight to watch. There are many tricks incorporated into daily lives using Graphic effects, but nevertheless they are such fun to watch!

These videos feature artists like Zach King and Issy Simpson! We bring you child prodigies who will blow your mind away onstage. Performance is an art, and performing magic tricks is a feat! As you watch this collection, remember that these are tricks that have been practiced and mastered over time and they shouldn’t be tried at home!

Don’t be disheartened though, because we have included in the list magic trick video tutorials that are safe and will teach you tricks that can be learnt and performed at home and with friends. So are you ready for the magic ride? Enjoy our bunch of videos and awaken the magic loving counterpart within you.

Funny Magic Trick Videos

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