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Laughter is the best medicine against stress. Laughing uncontrollably generates Endorphins hormones and keeps us free from tension and stress. Kids need the daily dose of laughter to get rid of the school stress, so called terrifying exams, home work, and many more. In fact, kids tend to have more worries than elders. Make your child laughing out loud with the amazing collection of videos compiled by AFV Mobile.

There are plenty of short funny videos for kids featuring different animals, locations and different elements. Most of the videos feature the adorable and naughty kids performing the cute and hilarious activities.

We have seen some naughty commercials and videos in the television. Bringing here the finest collection of videos to enjoy! For instance, look at the short funny video, where a cute and bubbly baby having a jolly (and terrifying) ride on the vacuum cleaner, when her mommy was cleaning the floor.

How funny it would be to watch a man taking bath so cool behind a newly-wed couple on the day of wedding? You cannot stop laughing while watching these videos. These videos are very short and run no more than a minute. There are even some shorter videos that last only a few seconds.

Baby dancing to the fast music, kids falling on the water, water sliding fun, videos of funny dogs and a lot is here to entertain you.

Get assured that you won’t stop laughing watching these videos. Don’t miss it.

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