Popular Simplified Myths And Legends

Every culture has favorite stories to tell. Most people have favorite childhood stories which are often fascinating and sometimes frightening. Some narrate universal truths, but the ‘flavor’ of these universal truths may change with time and geographical region.

A legend is a story that is only semi-true but has an important meaning for the culture from which it originated. It usually features a hero or heroine, or it may be based on a real historic event. They usually involve fantastic places and often refer to the spiritual beliefs of the culture from which they originate.

A myth, on the other hand, is a story based on a tradition, which has a symbolic meaning. A myth does not necessarily record a true event but does convey a popular local belief believed to be true by those who tell it and those who listen to it.

Sometimes it is difficult to know if a story is a myth or a legend. What is interesting is that all these stories, whether myths or legends, have at some time or the other helped people understand their relationship with one another, with nature, or with the supernatural. Some of them fulfil this function to this day.

Usually people are put off by the difficult vocabulary and convoluted grammar of these stories. You will find none of these difficulties here, but will become acquainted easily with some of the most famous myths and legends known to mankind, in very simple language.

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