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Short funny questions and answers with good humor will undoubtedly put a smile on your kids face. These funny questions and answers are very simple and easy for kids to read and understand. If you are a parent looking for a funny way to teach your kids, the best thing you can do is, sit with your kids and enjoy the interesting questions answers together. This will also give you ample time to have fun with your kids as well as keep the time spent productive. Here at KidsWorldFun we have some of the best collection of funny questions and answers online as well as tricky questions for kids.

These are the simple questions and funny answers, logical thinking, on various occasions, various subjects, and various locations.

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What ended in the year 1919?
Answer: 1918 – yes, the year 1918 ended when the New Year 1919 begins! Isn’t that right? 

What is the strongest force in the earth?
Option a: Rock 
Option b: Iron
And the answer was LOVE!

Why do some cricket players never sweat?
Answer: Because they have huge fans! 

Do you know; what is the best thing to put on a delicious cake?
Answer: Your MOUTH! 

What is the major difference between a bird and a fly?
Answer: A Bird can fly but a fly cannot bird! 

What do you say when you find two banana peels together?
Answer: A pair of slipper

Can you tell me how to make an egg roll?
Answer: It is very simple. Just push it, It will role! 

Join these two sentences: I was riding to school. I saw a dead body.
The answer is very funny: I saw a dead body riding to school.

There are innumerable tables of this kind, but there are no legs. What is that?
Answer: Multiplication tables and time tables. 

There are two elements that always grow up, seeing the sky, and never down. What are they?
Answer: Age and your physical growth. 

It goes all over the world, but always stays in a corner. What is that?
Answer: A Stamp!

Most of the kids love to carry these keys. What are those keys?
Answer: Cookies!

What is the one that is sticky and brown?
Answer: A stick.

It goes up and comes down, but never move. What it is?
Answer: Staircase! 

What is the antonym of DOMINOS?
Answer: Domi Doesn’t No!

A few months have 31 days; a few months have 30 days. How many months have 28 days?
Answer: All months. 

What is the longest movie ever made and what is the length?
Answer: It runs for 85 hours and funnily the title is ‘CURE FOR INSOMNIA’.

How do you describe the School? – Question asked in an exam.
Answer: HELL – answered by a poor / smart kid. 

It is equally big as an elephant but weighs nothing. What is that?
Answer: An Elephant 

What is the difference between here and there?
Answer: The Letter T.

What you can never eat during the lunch or supper? 

What is the most struggling of all subjects? 

Can you make SEVEN an even number? 

What breed of dog can jump higher than buildings? 
Answer: ANYDOG – Because building cannot jump.

I have four legs – but I can’t walk. What Am I? 
Answer: A CHAIR

Why Mira carried a ladder to her school? 

What are the two animals that live in a polar region? 

I have ocean but no water. Who am I? 

There is a head and there is a tail! But no body – what is it? 
Answer: A COIN

You have 5 apples in one hand and 5 apples in other hand. Now what do you have? 
Answer: A BIG HAND

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