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Aren’t you interested in exploring some brain teasers?

If you want to test your logic skills and reasoning, and have fun with brain teasers, then do not look any further. You have come to the right place. Kids World Fun has compiled a list of puzzles and brain teasers for you and your kids. There are also answers provided, so you will be able to check and analyze how well you performed. This is more fun than any English, Arithmetic and Science.

Brain teasers are basically witty word play, and they may initially appear difficult. However, as you start solving them, it would become relatively easy and clear. You will find some of the best brain teasers and puzzles with answers. If your kid that they are too simple for them, browse through our sub sections, where you can more find more challenging puzzles and logical questions.

Kids World Fun have a collection of brain teasers that include, features brain training delights such as jigsaw puzzles, logic and mind riddles, Sudoku Puzzles, online games, crossword puzzles, optical illusions and so much more.

We constantly update this section and we welcome some of your own puzzles and favorite brain teasers… Go ahead and test your parents and friends too.

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Brain Teaser Questions With Answers

If 5 men takes around 3 hours to dig 3 holes, how long will it take for 2 men to dig half a hole?
Answer: There is nothing called a half whole and it cannot be dug!

Two girls played and completed 5 games of chess. Each of them won same number of games and there wasn’t any tie in any game. How did it happen?
Answer: The two girls weren’t playing against each other and they played with different competitors.

A farmer had 20 cows. Due to contagious disease, suddenly all but 11 cows died suddenly. How many cows does he now have?
Answer: 11 cows – ALL but 11 cows died – 11 cows survived.

How many seconds do you have in a year?
Answer: 12 seconds – January 2, February 2, March 2, etc…

If 5 peacocks lay 10 eggs in 2 days, then how many peacocks will lay 100 eggs in 24 days?
Answer: No peacock lays eggs, only peahen lays.

How many oranges can you put into an empty container?
Answer: Only one orange – If you put one orange, it won’t be an empty container.

You can see a beautiful red house on your left and a mesmeric green house on your right, a warming and attractive pink house on your front. Then where is the white house?
Answer: White House is in United States.

When you add two letters, the five letter word becomes shorter. What it is?
Answer: SHORT

You are running in a 5000 mtr marathon race and you overcame the person in the second place. At what place you are?
Answer: Second Place

What is the reason that it is considered illegal to bury a man living in North America in South America?
Answer: It is illegal to bury a man alive, when he is living.

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